Make These Essential Improvements To Your Business Security Systems

Having tight security systems in place is crucial for the running of your business. They protect your assets from theft, as well as protecting your property from vandalism. You need physical security systems in place – these exist within or around your premises – as well as cybersecurity systems for your network and devices.

Right now, you’ve got both of these things in place, but they’re not up to scratch. That’s why you’re reading this post because you want to know how to improve it! So, here are some essential improvements you can make to your business security systems.

Night vision cameras

You should already have CCTV cameras in place on and around your premises. However, a lot of these cameras don’t come equipped with proper night vision. It seems strange, but it’s the truth! Instead, you need to invest in security cameras from companies like Ros Electric. As you can see on their website, the cameras come with full night vision capabilities.

It’s not just about seeing in the dark, it’s about seeing clearly. This is where a lot of CCTV cameras fail, so some decent night vision cams will be a fantastic upgrade. 

Biometric scanners

A decade ago, the mere idea of biometric scanners on your business premises would be absurd. It’s the type of thing you see in movies, assuming only the FBI is capable of using the technology. Now, things like fingerprint scanners are far more common. You should use them to upgrade your front-of-house security, implementing biometric scanners as part of your access control system.

Many businesses already do this – particularly gyms and fitness clubs where access is limited to members. People scan their fingerprints when joining, and have to scan them every time they enter. It ensures that you have full control over who comes and goes from your premises. 

This is an upgrade over things like card swipes as anyone can lose a card. Therefore, anyone can find a card and use it to their advantage. The odds of using someone else’s fingerprint to enter a building are as close to zero as you can get!

24/7 network monitoring

Currently, your cybersecurity may consist of a few firewalls and anti-virus software. Or, you might have paid a company to implement security for you. To upgrade your cybersecurity, you need to invest in a security company that provides 24/7 network monitoring. In essence, they can monitor and watch your network at all times, looking for any discrepancies. 

In theory, if they spot anything suspicious, they can act before it becomes a huge problem. They can also watch your network and develop security installations based on trends, further securing your business

To add that extra level of security, it may be a wise idea to employ services like K9 Security in order for your staff to feel protected at all times. Additional levels of monitoring will ensure the premises are fully secure for all.

All three of these ideas are examples of ways you can take your business security to the next level. It’s not so much a case of your security systems being bad, but more that they can be improved. After all, you should do everything you can to keep your business as safe and secure as possible!

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