How To Work Glasses Into Your Daily Style

How To Work Glasses Into Your Daily Style

Glasses can sometimes seem like quite overbearing and noticeable accessories, to the point where people who are recommended to wear them may find it difficult to know what to choose, or when to wear them as part of their daily style/fashion decision making.

Yet thankfully, there are all kinds of styles to choose from, and often prescription contact lenses are available during those times you’d rather go frame-free. Yet glasses are nothing to be afraid of, as we’re far past the milk-bottle styles that used to come with even the most intensive prescriptions, and now absolutely anyone can look cool while wearing them.

But how can you naturally work glasses into your daily style? After visiting a service like Spectacle Hub Optometry and gaining a clearer picture of your eye health and prescription necessities, we’d recommend thinking about investing in frames and additional features as follows. This time next year, you’ll be a seasoned glasses-wearer, and no doubt look and feel better for the effort:


Find The Correct Frames For Your Face

It’s good to find the right frames for your face, because everyone has a slightly different head shape and face. For instance, it might be that round glasses will only emphasize your round head, and so using more of a square design is worthwhile with that in mind. Of course, it’s also important to think about the frames you wear for comfort, for instance, it might be that you need frames you can wear with a hearing aid, or while wearing a hat or headphones for your job. A specialist will usually be able to help you with that.


Opt For Home & Professional Glasses

It’s good to opt for different home and professional glasses where appropriate, because this can help you switch up your style, one for comfort and daily tasks, another for more formal occasions. Perhaps you can go for a fun polka-dot styling for the former, and a brushed steel colouring for the latter. Of course, home glasses may also be worn with anti-scratch lenses, while wearing professional glasses in formal environments may mean you need less in the way of intensive add-ons and features. With that in mind:


Consider The Features You Need

Consider the actual features you may need to make the most of your wearing of glasses. For instance, adaptive lenses that can react to the sunlight are worthwhile to wear when on the roads, as anti-glare can be also. As mentioned above, anti-scratch coatings can also help the condition of your glasses over time, or for some people, polycarbonate is a good way to ensure the overall durability of their lenses. UV protection and blue light filters are also quite worthwhile. Speak to your glasses and prescription seller about what kind of features you may need, because this way, you can not only work them into your style, but into your day to day wellbeing.


With this advice, we know you’ll work glasses into your style in the best possible light.


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