Is Your Home Technology Driving You Mad?

The majority of us are fortunate to have access to technology, which enhances our lives in a myriad of different ways. On the other hand, they have a propensity to act irrationally at times.
Consider the scene in the movie “
2001: A Space Odyssey” where the computer loses control and refuses to carry out any of the tasks it was programmed to undertake. Even for those of us who are very knowledgeable with technology, this can be how it feels at times if we have a lot of technology in our homes.

The following is a list of some of the problems that we all face frequently, along with the solutions to those problems.


The picture on your television is terrible

When we are unable to receive a picture of sufficient quality on the television, it is probably one of the most irritating aspects of the technology in our home. Because televisions are not exactly inexpensive, you probably would not anticipate that they would be plagued by a poor reputation in this day and age.

Unfortunately, the quality of the picture has very little to do with the actual TV most of the time. The majority of televisions today have high definition (HD), which implies there are more pixels than our eyes are able to distinguish. Therefore, the issue is almost often associated with your reception. Checking to see that there is not a problem with your aerial and, if that does not work, getting assistance from trained professionals is a viable solution to this problem. They are able to place an antenna on your property that will assist in boosting your signal and provide you with an image that is of higher quality.

A solution to this problem that is chosen by some individuals is to switch to cable or satellite television.


Your PC has stopped working

There are not many things in life that are more frustrating than a computer that stops unexpectedly, preventing you from finishing whatever task you were working on and, in some situations, preventing you from turning it off altogether. It seems that it will only ever occur when you are rushing to fulfil a critical deadline, which only serves to increase your level of frustration.

It is in your best interest to familiarise yourself with the steps involved in restoring functionality (preferably before the system locks up, so you know what to do!). Check to see that the virus protection on all of your machines is up to date and that all of the recommended updates have been installed. If this fails, you may need a new HP server.


Your internet connection keeps going down

If you work from home, having difficulty with an unsteady internet connection can be rather unpleasant. This is especially true if you are trying to complete important work online. Try repairing the connection by adjusting the settings on your personal computer. However, if this is something that occurs frequently, you may consider contacting the company that provides your internet service.

Keep in mind that all of those flashy advertisements sell their products in part on the speed of the connection, so you are perfectly within your right to complain if yours is not functioning if it is not working properly. It is possible that all that is required to rectify the situation is for them to perform a simple reset on their end.


You can not receive a mobile phone signal in your home

If you move into a new house and find that you have no cell phone signal, this is another problem that can be really frustrating for you. It is not acceptable in this day and age to be required to go to the bottom of the garden or hang out the bathroom window in order to send a text message.
Most people these days depend on their mobile phones. Fortunately, the majority of service providers will provide you with a free booster box that connects to your WiFi and enables you to use your phone as you normally would.


What are your top tips for reducing the headaches that come with home technology? Let us know in the comments below!


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