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As you may notice, cooking is one of my Lifestyle hobbies.
It is a hobby since I DO like to cook since I can remember, and my family has to eat and they like my food (or else…kidding).

I like to try new recipes, be challenged and try my best to do something new.

I have lots of recipe books but what I really like to do is creating new recipes (at least for me they are new, it;s possible that they are already invented by someone, but for me means I made from scratch and thought it by myself).

But sometimes things we have at home is not enough (as well as not enough storage for it…story of my life). is a wonderful site that literally has everything.

They’ve got 44k of things, regarding Home and Kitchen, appliances, DIY, Kids and adults things, tools, car stuff, garden, etc.

I got this 2 helps for my recipes that I love very much (I can be really clumsy…have you noticed in my recipe videos?? This 2 will help me to be less clumsy):

The Color Works Ceramic Frypan 
(I have a Frymance right now… 
Can’t wait to work with it in everything…ArtsDad as well)

The Cookie/Cupcake Decorating Kit 
(I am waiting for a “thing” So a new recipe incoming guys and gals)

I bought at least 10 or 15 kits to decorate or make cookies… all rubbish. Gave up making cookies for a long long time but this kit had me having ideas to try again. It has 31 pieces, is resistant, good quality, you can work with one hand and the diversity of those pieces gives you lots of ideas. 
When I saw this kit I would never imagined that it would be of such quality. 
The syringe is of a good size I have never seen and it can be easily washed and put it all together again without loosing any pieces.

The Ceramic Frypan… OMG! I Do so recommend it!

A bit of color (there are several colors, I have the green one because my kitchen is really grey), healthy (you don’t need to add any fats to the food), almost cleanses by itself and food gets delicious!

Here are some photos I took in partnership with ArtsDad (he loves it to) while we were cooking a Portuguese meat recipe with strong condiment (the ceramic pan continues to be white, so it won’t stain) and making an egg that doesn’t sticks.


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Get them Here:

It’s a Good investment

Thank you to BuySend

Cheerio #letscook

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