Magic Tracks – Toys, Cars and Glow in the Dark

Hi everyone,

Today testing a cool toy for my little one (and grown ups as well) called Magic Tracks by Recreation Ltd, and can be bought on Smyths Toy Store.

It’s a snap and construct type of track, with the cool thing of glowing in the dark! Unfortunately none of my cameras could capture the glowing, but I promise that as soon as I can I will put it online on social media (@AleLifeOfficial).

Magic Tracks fun guide give you loads of how to and what can you use to have more fun and create challenges with the track and while playing. In the video we used one of RJ’s garage that the track fitted perfectly so the car can pass through it.

Really really cool!

We loved it and Rj is a boy that REALLY loves his cars…but really. He was so happy and we have so much fun playing with the track and constructing new things around it.

A word for parents:
We all love those toys we can play too, but this track has the best thing ever while putting away – It can roll itself, making it easier to store and occupying tiny space!! For me is a big extra! Also the pieces are easy to store and won’t broke and will definitely make everyone happy and keeping them playing for hours.


My 2 pence:

It’s a must try. Easy to assemble, like you can see on video and easy to store, plus you can add whatever you like to make curves or hights, use legos or even books – imagination is your limit. we really liked it and Rj is really hapy about it.


See more about Magic Tracks:

Watch my new video and let me know what do you think about Magic tracks.

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