Making Your Home Energy Efficient and Saving Money

Have you thought about how energy efficient your home is these days? Even if you live in a newly built home it might be lacking in energy efficiency, something you can fix with the ideas below.

If you fit solar panels to your roof, install double glazing, energy-efficient light bulbs and use spray foam insulation you will notice a significant reduction in your annual energy costs. 


Solar roof technology 

The sun is a bountiful source of energy that can be harnessed and used to power the home. Alternatively, the sun can be reflected away from the roof in warmer climates to keep it cool and help you save on AC costs. 

If you want to use the sun to warm your home or contribute to energy efficiency then have some solar panels installed. These will contribute to the energy of your home and give you extra to sell back to the grid. 


Energy-efficient windows 

Glass is very conductive to heat and it is one of the easiest ways for heat to be lost from the home. If you only have single glazing windows it’s a good idea to hang heavy curtains, otherwise, consider investing in an energy-efficient glass. 

When it comes to energy-efficient windows you have different choices, the most common ones are double or triple glazing. This type of glass is specially designed to trap the heat when it is cold outside and allow the warm sun to enter the space. 


Spray Foam Insulation  

If you want to have an energy efficient home that saves you money and protects the environment then you should upgrade your insulation where possible. Insulation is one of the surest ways to prevent precious heat from leaving your home and being lost. 

The great thing about spray foam insulation uk is that it can be used on any home no matter what age or condition the walls are in. Spray Foam Insulation goes into every little crevice and fills it up so there are no gaps like with other types of insulation. 


Energy-saving light bulbs 

Other ways to upgrade your home and save energy and power is to install energy-saving light bulbs all around the home. These are not the filament kind of light bulbs that burn and use a lot of electricity, instead they use LEDs. 

LEDs use a very minimal amount of power from the grid, not only that, they last much longer than traditional filament light bulbs so you have to replace them less frequently. You will save around £35 per year with these light bulbs. 


Eco appliances 

Every little bit counts when you’re trying to reduce your energy consumption and save some money. As well as new infrastructure for your home you can also upgrade it with new appliances that are more efficient and eco friendly. These appliances are things like kettles, washing machines, and boilers.

These days they are made with energy efficiency in mind so it’s best to buy some modern ones if you want to reduce your annual energy bill.


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