Home Upgrades To Consider Before the Baby Arrives

Home Upgrades To Consider Before the Baby Arrives

The news that you’re expecting can change your life. You will naturally want to focus a lot of time and attention on getting ready for the baby, but don’t forget to invest some of that time into your home. This is your baby’s safe place and a place they will grow up in, so you want to ensure you complete any last-minute home upgrades before your baby arrives.


Nursery Preparations

You want the baby to have a space of their own. So it’s common to spend a lot of time preparing a nursey and getting their belongings in the closet, dressers, and shelving.

Make the nursery as special and practical as you want. But try to remember that you may want to adjust things once the baby arrives and you learn more about your needs in the room.


Home Environment Safety Considerations

If you spend some time before the baby arrives making your home safer, you won’t have to run around trying to accommodate the baby when they’re mobile. Think about outlet covers, low-lying house decorations, heavy objects that can fall, and loose hand railings.

If you can dedicate a reasonable amount of time to this process before the baby comes, you will save yourself a lot of hassle and headaches in the future.


Mold Inspection and Remediation

Mold is an underlying issue that generally presents itself in the form of illness to members of the house. Your new baby will be highly sensitive to the environment and air quality.

Consider having a home inspection performed that checks for mold and potential problem areas and performs remediation. By taking care of this before the baby arrives, you can prevent mold-borne illnesses altogether and improve the air quality in your home.


Upgrade Major Appliances

Having a baby in the house can shake the home’s free time and finances. To help mitigate any unexpected budget burdens, consider having your major appliances inspected, repaired, or replaced. You’ll be busy with your new baby, so having an appliance fail in the middle of dinner or lunch can wreak havoc on the home’s overall flow.


Bathroom Overhauls

If you have multiple bathrooms, now is an excellent time to consider giving one of them a more baby and kid-friendly makeover. Ensure the tub and shower support a growing baby and toddler, and freshen up the paint or decorations if you want. Also, consider checking the pipelines and toilet operation to ensure they’re in good working condition and no surprises happen down the road.


Flooring Updates

Flooring is a big thing to consider because your newborn will soon be crawling, walking, and running wild. If the flooring is unstable, old, or hard to maintain, it’s time to consider an update.

Doing this before the baby arrives can give your entire home an upgrade and provide a safer environment for them to explore. A common trouble area is carpet because it is hard to clean, and older carpeting can house germs, dirt, and grime.

Try not to panic when you find out you’re expecting, and space out all your honey-do action items. If you create a list early on in pregnancy, you’re sure to get it all done. Cheers to nesting and the next nine months!


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