Men fashion: Dirty Velvet from London

Dads beware! And Mums pamper your Honeys!

Normally you tend to see only Mums Fashion but today is all about Dads (and our model ArtDad)!

Dirty Velvet is a brand of men clothes to follow.

They have their own manifesto and I do like their innovation!

(Quoting Dirty Velvet)



“In 2006, two renegade designers sought sage council from a wise Panda.

Dirty Velvet was born.”


“Dirty Velvet is a design collective focused on producing high quality clothing with designs that offer a creatively different perspective to the mainstream.

Our aim is to create T-shirts with original graphics, combining strong and thought provoking imagery reflecting our slightly twisted view of humanity, modern life and the universe.”


“At Dirty Velvet we produce long lasting ethical clothing, made with minimal impact to the environment.

All of our T-shirts are produced using 100% organic cotton – grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers using methods that are ecologically and socially sustainable.

As well as being organic, our cotton is washed and combed to create robust garments that are also extremely comfortable to wear.”

The quality of the Tshirts and sweatshirts are phenomenal!
They were used, washed, and the quality stays the same.

They even have their own App!

And when I say is a brand to follow, is because some 
of the media and celebrities wear them too!

Howard from Take That

James Corden

Rudimental sax Taurean Chagar

Usain Bolt

Russell Howard

Gary Barlow

Gary definitely likes it

And here is my Celebrity at home in a photo shoot wearing Dirty Velvet 
(click on the pic to be forwarded)

Couldn’t resists the bear…

Thank you to Dirty Velvet

Cheerio #menfashion

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