Family Game Nights: Shout! Game by Drumond Park

The explosive team game of looking, linking and thinking!

SHOUT! is the latest super-exciting family game from those brilliant creative minds at Drumond Park, is sure to provide plenty of uproarious fun for teams of family and friends aged around 12 to 99!

There are 167 double-sided super-size cards in the box, each one featuring a set of nine Challenges on both sides (themed images, words, figures etc.), so that’s almost 3,000 challenges in all!

What’s inside of the box

Family Night Games

Either Night or a whole weekend day with the kids, I’ve always liked to reunite everyone around the table, open up some nuts bags and sweets and have a nice family time with a game. 
Other times, the adults will reunite during a night and battle the couples versus couples or girls versus boys in several games, or simply solo against each other.

Sometime it will go great, other times not so great, because no one likes to loose… and we really show we are still kids… deeply.

This time we tried the Shout! game and it’s a noisy and fun game.

No one believed about the true name of the game, but gradually and while we were learning the rules of the game we started to really shout, even RJ was shouting (but for us to be quiet).
You have 60 seconds to answer the 9 questions in the card and you start to be so excited to win that you will definitely shout at any moment…from the real answer to the card to the most hilarious things that you don’t know where did you get that word or answer.

Definitely one or our major games now, SHOUT! will stay here at home like an explosive game to turn tables sometimes (or we wouldn’t be latinos here at home).

I give SHOUT! a 5/5 Star rating.

5/5 for being different that the normal trivia games, for the knowledge and the way it lets your brain running and thinking, and for the design and price 
(rrp £29.99).

Remember that Christmas is coming, why not start budgeting and buying things now? 

But what is Shout!?

Trivia with a truly tumultuous twist

In true Drumond Park fashion, this exhilarating new team game is bursting with quirky questions and cunning puzzles where you have to look, link and
think – making connections between what you see on the Challenge card and what the answer is likely to be.

Some examples that can appear during the game:

  • On the ‘Body Parts’ card, a picture of Concorde translates to ‘nose’
  • A photograph of Martin Luther King on the ‘Abba Songs’ card identifies ‘I Have a Dream’ 
  • On the ‘Egg Things’ card, the image of a stop watch will As well.

What the Oponnent sees and needs to match
with the question in the back of the card

The Question that you can see and the answers.
The same card contains 2 games if you turn the card.

With more than a hundred beautifully illustrated picture puzzles, the seemingly endless list of Shout! Challenges includes family favourites such as word searches and acronyms (LOL = Laugh Out Loud, BFF = Best Friends Forever – we all know those, don’t we?). 

So everyone can join in and enjoy the frenzied fun. The faster you answer, the better your team’s score – and with the timer in clear sight, the adrenalin flows as you try to look, link and think just as quickly as you can!

The game’s centrepiece is the unique 60-second timer stand which displays the giant Challenge Cards to the ‘Answerers’ – and enables the ‘Askers’ to see the answers to each challenge and keep score.

Gameplay is fast, furious and highly competitive – but simple. 
Players are divided into two teams positioned on either side of the stand, taking one-minute turns to be the ‘Asking’ or ‘Answering’ team. The game sets off at rumbustious pace, with everyone in the ‘Answering’ team shouting out the answers to as many of the nine challenges on their given card as they can – just as soon as the answers pop into their heads!


An ‘Asking’ team member reads out the question on the back of the first Challenge Card off the pile. 
Then it’s full pitch, clamorous fun that builds to a crescendo as all the ‘Answerers’ try to holler out their answers before the timer runs out.
For every correct answer identified, the ‘Answering’ team scores one point, with the scores being logged via two pegs per team on the curved feet of the stand. It all happens so fast that both teams are advised to keep a note of the correct answers shouted out during each frantic 1-minute turn, to ensure fair play ensues for all! 
The first team to reach the top score of 69 points (or 99 points for a longer game) will rise triumphant!

NINE CHALLENGES IN ONE – a chance to double the score!

The Double or Nothing Card adds another thrilling dimension to the game. 
It can be played by the ‘Asking’ team on the ‘Answering’ team just after they have put a new Challenge Card into the stand at the start of a turn. 
As the name suggests, with the power full on, you and your team members have to get all nine challenges correct to score. If you do, you get DOUBLE points – which is 18 – and go racing forwards on the scoreboard. 
Alas, even if your team comes up with eight correct answers, you will score nothing at all in that round. NOTHING … ZERO … ZILCH!

Designed to appeal to everyone in the family, Shout! is set to be a sure fire winner with young and old alike – for groups of family and friends whatever the occasion… and it’s a perfect ice-breaker, too. 

Get your hands on a copy just as soon as you can for guaranteed fun and laughter… this game has everyone in stitches and yelling out for more!

Thank you to Drumond Park
and Langshot

Cheerio #familynightisfun

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