Mother’s Day Gift suggestion: Lush Mother’s Day Special

Another special gift suggestion
(Mother’s day on the 6th of March peeps!)

Our mother has a smell. It can be her perfume, it can be her homely special food…mother have a smell towards their children. (I am not being sarcastic here…I am being quite scientific).

When you were a baby, the first smell you had was your mother’s’. her milk and her body was your comfort zone.

Now what about pampering your mother while you make her even more wonderfully scent?

Lush in one of those brands that has a thing for everyone, because not all people skin is equal and no one likes the same smell right?
The variety of gorgeous smells with the original products and how they create for your needs is fantastic. 
I am a fan of Lush for years.

Lush released this Mother’s Day box with a bit of everything for your mum to be pampered.

Take a look by yourself

Wonderful Wrapping

What it brings

Here is a little Video introducing what it brings inside


What do you think?

See on Lush Website or check them on the High Street, 
they can help you with anything honestly!
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Cheerio #giftsuggestion #mothersrule

Thank you to Lush Cosmetics
My opinion is Honest and unbiased

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