Moving during the coronavirus pandemic – how to keep everyone safe

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By Sally Norton


Most of the world is in a state of lockdown right now. Basically everyone is cooped up in their homes to avoid spreading the coronavirus. This is obviously disruptive to our daily routines, but some things we simply cannot postpone, even in times like these.

And despite how it sounds, moving during the coronavirus pandemic is indeed one of those things. The fact that the moving industry remains one of the very few that’s still working more or less the same certainly supports that point.


Wait, are movers even working now?

Yes, movers are working nowadays, in spite of this state of emergency. You see, most states divide industries into two categories in times like these: essential and non-essential. The former consists of things like food services, pharmacies, telecommunication, and logistics (transportation and shipping).

Essential sectors remain in function during extraordinary situations, much like this one. And moving falls into the logistics category for the most part, so the majority of states consider it an essential service. Many services, like, are still open for business. Therefore, you are technically able to move, though you will need to make some adjustments to make it practical and safe.

And that’s where this article comes in to help. Read on for sound advice on moving during the coronavirus pandemic.


Avoid moving during the coronavirus pandemic if you’re susceptible to infections


The first thing for you to consider is whether you should even be moving in the first place. And this has nothing to do with your financial situation or prior arrangements – it’s purely a matter of your own safety and that of others.

There’s a good reason why over half of the world is on lockdown mode: the coronavirus poses a real danger to a lot of people. The following are the most likely to suffer complications from the coronavirus:

– The elderly (sixty-year-olds and upwards)

– People with poor immune systems

– Those with heart or lung conditions

– Sufferers of asthma

– People with diabetes


old man’s eye looking at the camera
The elderly will be better off postponing their move during the coronavirus outbreak.
Image by analogicus from Pixabay


If you fall into one of the vulnerable demographics, then you really ought to just stay put and wait it out. Stay safe and take care of yourself (some unconventional health tips will help you while isolated).


Take care of everything before the movers arrive

The coronavirus spreads through interaction with other people. Sure, it can survive on surfaces for about 24 hours, but people are the main transmitters – even standing closer than six feet to an infected person puts you in danger. Suffice it to say that moving during the coronavirus pandemic can expose you to a lot of human-to-human interaction.

As such, you want to steer clear of your movers. That’s not to say they’re disease carriers; they will most likely wear gloves, masks, and be completely professional. But you should still abide by the recommended 6 feet of distance.

And for that reason, you would be smart to prepare your home for an easy move before anyone arrives. This means decluttering your home and removing things from the way. The movers will be able to do their job faster and without breaking anything that way.


Clean your belongings

You already read that the coronavirus can survive on non-living surfaces for up to a day. Granted, the consensus isn’t clear on that number, but it’s definitely in that ballpark. Nevertheless, your soon-to-be-transported items pose a health hazard if they aren’t clean.

So, clean your things both before and after your move. And don’t just wipe them half-heartedly with a duster – the cleaning has to be done thoroughly. Sanitize your things with disinfectant on top of wiping them (don’t make them clean, make them Monica clean).


spray killing bacteria
A simple wipe isn’t enough: you need to kill the virus.
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


Keep your doors and windows open

During your move, there will be a whole mess of tiny particles thrown about in your house – including the virus, if it’s in your home. If they remain in the air like that, they will have an easier time reaching someone’s mouth or eyes.

So how to move during coronavirus, when the air is contaminated? Open all of your doors and windows when the movers arrive. All of that draught will sweep up the virus and carry it outside. As a bonus benefit, the movers will find it easier to take your stuff to the truck if all the doors stay open.


Sign everything electronically

This is a relatively minor tip, but it could save you from more potential exposure. The moving process has you signing a line of documents.

The act of touching all that paper is only more possible room for infection. So, talk to your moving company and ask them to sign everything electronically. The coronavirus doesn’t live online, so you should be fine.


Maintain a six-foot distance from your movers

This is perhaps the most crucial advice you’ll get related to the coronavirus in general, even outside of moving. The coronavirus spreads pretty easily from one person to another because it can travel through the air. Therefore, simply avoiding human contact will not suffice.

Rather, you’ll want to give people a somewhat wide berth, so to speak. And that includes your movers. When they come to your home, keep your distance to around the recommended six feet.


Moving during the coronavirus pandemic: two hands holding a measuring tape
Don’t get too close for comfort.
Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay


Leave out hygienic products for the movers

The movers you hire will likely come equipped with the proper hygienic materials: gloves, masks, and so on. However, you could still leave out tissues, soap, and the like for them.

They might not bring these with them, and they would certainly appreciate you providing them with said materials.


Avoid recycled boxes

Using recycled boxes is generally a great tip to save you cash. But when it comes to moving during the coronavirus pandemic, you might want to reconsider it.

Taking boxes that someone else has recently touched is a bit of a risk. Instead, go for the ones you buy yourself.



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