Mums Skin After Pregnancy tips – Strectch Mark and Scar Cream and Cellulite Cream review (Instanatural)

Attention this is a post for AFTER PREGNANCY ONLY!

After having a baby, We are so tired that we only have energy to treat our baby (only the baby).
After some weeks, we start to have the strength to try and return to normalize our new life with our new little person at the house. We take care of the baby, the husband, the baby, the rest of the kids, the baby, food, baby, water, clothes, baby, house….but very rarely we remember about us as A Woman.

Some have the luck to have family by and get help, but for some like me, not that i didn’t have help from family and friends, but I like to do my things alone. (which is wrong). 

But talking about the physical part of the thing and not the psychological part,
Mums tend to forget to take about taking care of their new body:
Saggy, with water retention… orange peel skin… and no time to go to a Spa …time? I meant money.

So what about being prepared at home for that and recreating a Spa treatment at home?

I received these gift from InstaNatural and looked at it for a while (days) and I was so tired of running around on the errands of the Blog and the daily life (I mean RJ life sometimes and not mine), When I thought to myself:

You are the master of this!

So here are some tips to use these creams:

Spa Treatment at home with InstaNatural Cellulite cream

You need:
– InstaNatural Cellulite Cream
– Cling Film
– Chill/Relax Music
– your bed or sofa
– 30 minutes for yourself, twice a week (ok ok…1 is good also)

Put on that chill music to relax, close the door of your room, be only in your underwear, apply the cream where you wish to treat (arms, belly, bottom, legs), wrap yourself and stay like it for 30 minutes.
Take the wrap and massage the rest of the cream, but don’t shower, so you will loose the treatment. Because of the cling film, you skin will look red and warm, but it’s a good thing.

InstaNatural Strectch Mark and Scar cream
I loved the Gel, the cream is absolutely wonderful!
A Must Have after pregnancy because you can use it in the stretch marks and the C Section scar (after 2 months you can apply directly, before that I don’t recommend).
I apply normally twice a day (I had a HUGE BUMP).

You can get these creams here:

Thanks to InstaNatural for the gifts!


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