New Challenges in a Life of a Woman

A very different topic to be written today.

These past months have been, how can i quickly say, the hell of some months.

Having been sleep deprived for so many months by my neighbours, generated a cronic state of stress that mentally can take even Wonder woman down.

The stress of going to bed is so high, the stake is really so high that my brain cannot sleep and menatlly i can heard my neighbour talking even if there is a day when he actually is not even in his house. And then it just became night after night, which can lead you to a stage when you are so tired that cannot have a proper conversation whit anyone or even smile.

So the hunt for a new home started, and with that the stress (even more) with it. After several months we finally found a place… now the stress of moving….

But in the middle of that, health came down and said:

“you need something to knock you down even more”.

Rj has both of his ears operated, which made my heart as a already stressed and tired mum weep for ages in the middle of the Children Hospital. He is fine by the way, getting better and hopefully he can hear better. Not easy guys not easy.

But then! (oh no…this lady is really south american Telenovela) my doctor said: “hey…we need to talk lady!”… and this I will talk later in another Health Blogpost.

Let’s just say that I had my consultation and had to grow a lot, even more, and I felt OLD!

I felt that I had more 50 years on top of me. (aaaaand let’s depress a bit more and weep a bit more and sleep even less).


So my radical change in life will be losing some weight, like some stones.

I have been asking for some help, not that I don’t know, which in fact I don’t, I have tried so many things, and then my doctor (above) told me one of the causes.

So probably my days as Plus size model will be over, but hey, curvy girl will have to get better.


Now it’s Christmas and without moving to my new place and start to have a better sleep routine, there is not a slight chance on losing weight.

Not that I stuff my face on Christmas, which I don’t, I am normally that Latina Mama in kitchen, but you need to focus on you and be rigid on your weight loss.

Focus is the word and a good routine is better when you’re focused and oriented.


In January (so cliche right!) I will start a 14 day of detox with So Shape, a french brand that I have been researching and they look amazing, and their products are really so good and have such wonderful reviews online and on social media.


Just to let you know a bit about So Shape:

So Shape Smart Meals contain everything you need to lose weight. Get healthy, yummy and convenient meals delivered right to your doorstep.


They have Method:

  • One smart meal in the morning: a Hot or Cold beverage with all the nutrients to start your day.
  • An open lunch: be reasonable with what you eat, or switch with evening when you go out.
  • One Smart meal in the evening: Hot soup, pasta or risotto, improving your nutrition in your habits.


They have their own Booklet with more information and ideas on meals:


I have bought my full 14 day Hamper that came with a retro bottle to help me with the smart meals, but So Shape also have Smart food like Muffins or Pancakes and Muesli.




After talking with So Shape, they kindly gave me a 10% Coupon for my readers and followers.

Simply apply ALEJANDRA10 get 10% off your 14 or 28-day Challenge, UK only!


Show me online what have you got from SoShape, tagging me on social media (@AleLifeOfficial) and SoShape.


Now let’s focus on some more boxes while yawning… Anyone lend me a hand?

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