New parents list – Preparing for a new baby at home

I have some friends that are pregnant right now and they’ve asked me what I bought or think that they should really buy.

When we are new parents, everyone gives opinions, either we’ve asked or not, but the choice is ours.

Yes we will buy a lot of thing unnecessary and that will never use and it was a waste of money, or was because things went right for a friend but for us wasn’t.

This following list were the things tat I’ve researched when I was pregnant, read a lot of books, read a lot of blogs and reviews before I’ve bought it and some of them still use it and will use it for a long time.

List of Appliances and Furniture:

– Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

– Munchkin Electric Sterilizer

– Tommee Tippee Bottle set with brush

Baby Bedroom:
– Cot
– Changing table with a changing mat
– Night stand for support
– Tomme Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal

– Pram with Carrycot 

– Car seat (do not use more that 2 hours straight)
– Isofix (for those who have the isofix in the car)

Parent Bedroom:
– Moses basket

– Tippi Toes Bathtub

– Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump

– Freezing bags for the breast milk

List of Newborn essentials:

– LOTS and lots of Muslin’s squares
– Towels and blankets for swaddle the baby

– baby grows and sleeping suits (size newborn and size 0 to 3)
– Moses and/or Cot bed linen 
– baby sleeping bag (starting to use from 2 months)
– mittens, socks and thermal socks
– Warm blankets to go outside swaddled
– Little square towels (for washing, cleaning or simply putting in the changing time for them not to wee)
– Pacifiers

– Nappy Rash ointment

– Nappies and nappies and nappies (size 1, used Pampers, Mamia from Aldi, Little Angels from Asda)

– Unscented wipes or water based wipes

– Cotton balls or cotton pads
– Cotton swabs

– Nursing Bras (can go to 3 sizes up and 3 cups up)
– Nursing Pads

– Large Pads for after the Labour
– Lansinoh Lanolin cream for the nipples (can be used during the feed)

– Bephantene cream for the scar (if CS) and/or skin

– Freeze some soup and food for when you come home (believe me when you will appreciate it after)

These are just the thing that I used it.

What I’ve learned:
The plans that you make for Pregnancy, Labour and when you arrive home with your baby…
Don’t make plans. 

They are worthless because in a matter of seconds it can happen something and everything changes.
As I always say, have a plan B, C or D, the whole alphabet, or simply think what if…

One of my plans was to breastfed, a friend of mine talked to me abut the bottle machine and at first I didn’t bother to research…then in a day time, I couldn’t breastfed and needed bottles. 

The machine STILL a lifesaver now after 6 months.


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