Mummy Workouts

I was reached by this new Website Mummy Workouts and I must say: 

What is Mummy Workouts?

Mummy Workouts is a new website for online Yoga and Gym classes with Private Personal Trainers in the privacy of your own home.

Being a mum of a 6 month old baby, having little or no time at all right now and having (still) a belly from the pregnancy, I have to admit that paying a gym and waiting for the husband to get home later in the afternoon, so I can get to a gym crowded (since everyone normally goes after work to the gym) after a whole day with the baby routine and work… I get tired even before getting out of the door… And no motivation at all!

So I tried Mummy Workouts and I have to say: I will become a member!
We have a online class with a Personal Trainer that sees you on your webcam, checks on you and motivates you…
Plus she was really nice and professional!

There were more 3 mums in their places and we all started our own private class at home, comfortably, in our own pace (hey…remember no pain no gain, so I normally tend to push myself).

The classes will be Yoga and (some serious!) Cardio workout.
By the end of the class, I was sweaty, all muscles aching, abs aching, legs, thighs, bum…the soreness lasted for 2 days but I got addicted. 
Soreness (in a good way and supervised of course) means that the workout produced the effect and I like that effect and missed that from my gym.

What do you need to do to make Mummy Workouts?

  • A laptop/Computer with a webcam and microphone
  • clothes that let you workout comfortably
  • a bit of space on the floor for you to lay down if it’s to do

And have fun!

Mummy Workouts is still in Beta mode, testing the website and they have some news for us!

They are giving Free Classes this week so people can give their opinion and experience of the workouts 
(Click in the logo below to go to the website directly)

I am going to be there!

Who’s with me??

Cheers and good workouts!

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