Pandora Enchanting Fairytales by the Jewel Hut

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This adorable pair of owls from the PANDORA Enchanting Fairytales range, ideal for an animal or family themed PANDORA collection.

img_5899 img_5901

Expertly crafted from sterling silver the intricately detailed design features a parent and baby owl in a charming pose.


A wonderful charm to adorn your bracelet with, or to use single in a necklace.

Excellent gift for any mother or grandmother to carry.

This piece is in Sterling Silver with intricate details of the feathery owls in a detailed work.

img_5903 img_5900

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Just a curiosity. Do you know what this mark means?


This is how you spot authentic Pandora jewellery. The 925 ALE or 5925/S925 ALE means an US mark stamp to know the manufacturer jeweller (this case Pandora’s) and ALE stands for Algot Enevoldsen, the father of PANDORA founder, Per Enevoldsen. Is a symbol of authenticity and exists in all pieces (except the littlest ones).


Alejandra for AM

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