Pandora going Disney Princess with a Charm

I just love a good pun (intended!).

I was never much of Disney Princesses. But my generation was different. I had Bambi or Dumbo and I hate it.

Snow White was the only one we had and I liked her and it grabbed my attention, but nothing beats My special princess: Belle.

Smart, witty, courageous and heart loving helpful that takes care even if her feelings are saying the opposite: Give to get in return.

(let’s not talk about Moana….let’s talk about Belle today).


PANDORA introduces this enchanting piece from Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’.



The round Sterling Silver charm hosts a red enamel rose centrepiece on either side, as well as Belle’s signature.

The flower depicts the red rose seen in the Disney classic, providing the charm with a sense of love and nostalgia.



The Jewel Hut has an amazing Pandora Disney Charm Collection and I grabbed at least one for my collection and nothing is better to represent Beauty and the Beast than the Rose.

That Rose that represents both the End and at the same time the Hope. That objective in life to just get you where you want to go.



So I am grabbing my Rose and continue my Path of growth. Use this charm in your bracelet or simply in a fine necklace.

Now I am checking which one I am getting next.



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