Popular Places for Women To Get a Tattoo

Popular Places for Women To Get a Tattoo

So, you decided you want a tattoo but are still determining where to get it. There are so many empty places on our bodies ready for a tattoo. How do you choose? Here are a few popular places for women to get a tattoo to help spark inspiration.


Upper Shoulder Tattoo

The upper shoulder is the perfect place for script tattoos, such as quotes, sentences, and names. It’s a stylish location where you can cover up the tattoo if needed. This tattoo location can be painful due to the amount of bone, but don’t let that deter you.


Behind the Ear Tattoo

Behind the ear is a charming place where many women love to place tattoos. It’s a pop of personality in an unexpected place. There’s not much room, so you won’t be able to get a big, ornate tattoo in this location. Before you get a behind-the-ear tattoo, understand that this spot can be fairly painful. If you talk with the artist, they’ll have ways to alleviate the pain and provide a more comfortable experience.


Wrist Tattoo

Women love to get tattoos on their wrists. It’s the perfect spot for different types of tattoos, including animals, names, symbols, and dates. Ensure the tattoo is small enough to fit on the wrist; otherwise, you could overwhelm the area. You can still cover the tattoo with sleeves, bracelets, or a watch.


Forearm Tattoo

Many women love to get forearm tattoos because it’s a fairly large, blank canvas. It’s a less painful tattoo experience than the upper shoulder and wrist. There are plenty of arm tattoo design ideas out there that would look great on the forearm. You can choose everything from micro realism to full color or fine line. It’s a great space to show off an intricate tattoo.


Ankle Tattoo

Another popular place for women to get a tattoo is on the ankle. An ankle tattoo is easy to cover up but can look stunning in the summer when the sandals come out. Floral tattoos are perfect for the ankle because the flower can flow and grow around your ankle and up the leg. Since the ankle only has a thin layer of skin, areas around the bone will be pretty painful.

Hopefully, this piece inspired your next tattoo location. Your body is a blank canvas waiting for a masterpiece. Use it wisely.

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