Quitting Smoking Through Vaping

Unless you’ve been using an electronic cigarette since they first went on sale, you might not know too much about them, the various terms and components or even how they differ from traditional smoking, so it’s time to try and clear up some of the most confusing areas of the vaping craze. 


a vaping device inside a wallet
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Firstly, an e-cigarette works by sending heat from an atomizer, charged by a battery, into a bottle of e-liquid which, when heated, turns into vapour and this is both inhaled and exhaled by the user. The liquid sits in a bottle which is often clear, and the best style is either glass or plastic allowing the user to monitor the level of e-liquid left in the bottle. They can then ration their use throughout the day to ensure they have enough to get them through, or they can top it up or replace the bottle if they need to. 

There are also tons of flavoured e-juices to choose from, an option you don’t have when it comes to smoking traditional cigarettes which you can buy from shops and supermarkets. The flavours include coffee, almond and vanilla – even Coca Cola – and it is these flavours which are the pull factor for many vapers. 

The different flavours available are what helps a retailer to stand out from the crowd, offering people’s favourite flavours so they don’t have to stick with the tobacco taste which may have put them off smoking in the first place. Vegetable glycerine is one of the most common ingredients of e-liquid blends. They can then choose a strength of nicotine inside the liquid to help them to reduce their nicotine intake or to get rid of it altogether to help them to quit smoking.


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Image by haiberliu from Pixabay


How to Use Your E-Cigarette Liquid Efficiently

A lot of people who use e-cigs do so without realising that they’re not using the device to its full potential. They just buy a device – in whatever model, either disposable or rebuildable – and then connect their bottle of flavoured e-cigarette liquid and start using it however they think works best for them. After all, they’re getting the vapour through, no problem, right? Wrong. There are a number of ways in which you can improve your vaping experience and that starts with the liquid for e-cig that you choose. 

If you find that you’re getting through bottle after bottle of e-liquid far too quickly for your liking in terms of both speed and cost, it may be that you need to hold the button down for a shorter period of time. Yes, this may mean that you’re getting less vapour through in each puff but it will ensure that you get the maximum flavour from the vapour that you do get through the device and it will certainly last longer. 

With the actual e-cig device, it can be highly beneficial to clean your e-cig on a regular basis – usually when your bottle runs out. If this happens you should clean it out thoroughly, especially if you’re going to pour in a fresh bottle of liquid to your existing tank which had a different flavour in before. Keep a close eye on the level of liquid left in your e-cig because if the wick inside the atomizer runs dry it can burn out and give the user a burnt taste rather than their chosen flavour. 


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