Reasons To Choose a local Tyre Care Center

It’s not the first time I refer about safety on the roads and how well, or at least a basic knowledge, you should know your car and be safe.

To be honest, all of the “Car” is needed, but without tyres, you don’t go anywhere.

Meaning that your tyres are the most important aspect in your car!



Tyres can influence the health of your car and cause problems on the road if not taken care of professionally.



One thing is having minor knowledge with your tyres, such as have tyre inflator, check the depth of the tyre and if it’s has any cracks.

But if you don’t have that knowledge, don’t worry!

There is always someone in your local tyre center that can check the correct pressure, the quality of your tyre, and if you need to change and what type of tyres you need in the future.


What Tyres actually do in a car:

  • Provide grip for braking and acceleration
  • Maintain steering and directional control
  • Support the weight of the vehicle
  • Act as a shock absorber for vibrations from the road


Real Story:

Remember the past months of snow (5 to be precise)? Well, every time that snowed, I couldn’t get out of my house.


My tyres were actually inappropriate for snow and were old and had cracks. So I was actually scared of going out driving my car and I knew it wasn’t safe, either for me and my family, but also for others in the street.

I searched online and found out about tyre dealers, Point S. They have local tyres depots in Manchester too, and their website helped me out for finding local dealers to change my tyres.


Some tips on how to take care of your tyres:

There are many different reasons for tyre wear. Your tyres don’t just get worn due to age and use, things like:

  • Emergency braking,
  • Incorrect tyre inflation
  • Wheel alignment
  • Poor road surfacing, are some factors that can easily damage a tyre.

To ensure that you stay safe on the road, it is important that you look after your tyres and check them regularly.

Create a routine for it, a car tyre care and inspect your tyres every 2 weeks.

If you think you need help, then talk with a professional. Don’t keep your doubts for yourself, ask a professional because they are the professionals and have more knowledge about it.


So keep in mind that these following tips, if you think or see there is something wrong with:

  • Thread depth of the tyres: in the UK the minimum depth is 1.6mm
  • You don’t know the tyre pressure or think something is wrong with the tyre pressure and you’re losing the control of the car
  • External damage can be seen: such as cracks, cuts or bumps


Maybe is time to take your car to a professional and check your tyres on your local Tyre center.

Do you have any tips for this article? Write it down below on the comments and share your experience.


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