Skincare and Makeup from May – Beauty Alert!

I cannot tell you how busy these last months have been and so much has happen, which I will write in the following posts.

My skin has been really red. Season of allergies and Spring brings the redness and some blemish, but I can actually explain this with Chinese Medicine.

In Chinese Medicine, you have meridians, that contains points (which we can use acupuncture needles, or acupressure) to treat a certain ache, disease or ameliorate a symptom.

The lung is responsible (in chinese medicine) for the skin and your breathing (plus a bunch of other things, but it would be the same talk I can give on my classes and it’s not related to this post). If you suffer from Allergies (in breathing), your skin will show that. See what I mean? Lung not working well or having and toxic/pollution, will be shown on your skin. I think is very clear.


And because of that, I decided to try some new products for my skin and of course to show you some complements!

Because… No Makeup no life!



Skin System

Everything stop! I went to the supermarket and noticed on the skincare section something new… and really affordable. Now I tend to not buy this type of things when it’s price is too low, as my skin will badly react and it will be rubbish. But I have been using these following products and they amazed be, in a positive way that I absolutely adore it! Take a Look:


Well it’s from Asda by the Skin System.

All of it has been working excellent and I feel my skin with more elasticity and less dull ness, less redness and more hydrated.

The scent is very light, a little bit like fruity.

Best of all? This whole bundle costs around £10! All of it… I don’t mind to get it as a gift!

Don’t mind the price being “cheap”. It’s actually in the components, the inside of the cream that matters. And on that subject I know my chemistry and how creams and oils work.

The products are really good. Not fine or Excellent, Good.

Remember that all the brands started from somewhere, and I probably would bet that these products will become popular and they will raise the price for them.

By the way: I bought them all with my own money. So is a honest advice and opinion as always!



L’Oreal Men Expert Vita-Lift

Because I take care of hubby and he takes care of me, here is what he is using right now.

It moisturises, hydrates and firms, all in one jar. Smells wonderfully and absorbs straight away, without leaving an oily skin or stickiness.

get your guys looking younger and having a bit of good looking skin!




Want to have a Tropical shower, smelling like Hawaii or Tahiti?

This practical kit from Biosilk is the answer to your prayer.

Best of all is that Biosilk combined organic coconut oil with their trademark silk protein, makes you feeling and smelling like a goddess.

Also is super practical to take to anywhere as the 3 in 1 product is a must have for practical people (like me).





I actually have been trying out a couple of looks but will be for next months article.

For the past month, I have been so busy that I have been using this practical Korean Duo Lipstick.

The colours are excellent and is very moisturising.


How to use:

Korean’s use the dark side of these duo lipsticks in the interior of the lips, not on the outside to draw a line, like a lip pencil. They actually do the opposite.

But is just a matter on what you want to do really. Go for it and explore the combinations!


Body care

Barber’s Black Eucalyptus Exfoliant

Berber’s Treat, an all natural skincare and beauty design and innovation company that specialises in authentic black eucalyptus gels made in Morocco,
this month received a feature mention in InStyle’s most recent publication for their proprietary Berber’s Treat Black Eucalyptus Gel.
Designed to remove impurities and dead skin from the applicant, the Berber’s Treat Black Eucalyptus Gel is a natural Moroccan beldi soap with eucalyptus essential oil, suitable for all skin types. Containing antimicrobial bacteria and Vitamin E enrichment, the gel tightens skin, invigorating natural absorption abilities.
For anyone suffering from clogged pores, dry skin, oily skin, eczema, or psoriasis, this soap is going to make a massive difference in the results.

No rashes or rednesses on this very dry and sensitive skin of mine, so for me is a victory, since I normally can’t use an exfoliator.

Use it with a glove for a better effect on your skin.





Rolling Hills Silicone Makeup Sponge

You know what… I have at least 5 silicone sponges at home and haven’t tried any of them. I looked at them and didn’t “gave me that feeling” to try them or to use them. When I got this one, I decided to give them a go. 3 of them went to the bin, as they were hard and actually didn’t applied the foundation at all… they’d smudged the foundation.

This one was the best one and actually the only one I am using right now, and now thinking about getting more of these.

A fluffy still firm to properly apply the foundation, it can fit a round cream foundation that I had lost the sponge and works really great. I am happy with it and definitely recommend it.




Rolling Hills Detangling Brush

I heard so much from the famous detangling brushes… I didn’t understood the euphoria regarding it but here we are writing about it.

A detangling brush is a brush that will detangle (as the name says) wither a wet or dry hair.

Parents and kids love it for their little one’s, specially with long hair, I love it as an adult.

As everyone by now knows, I have long hair and I do care about it and this was the perfect experience in the perfect moment (I was literally showered by rain and wind… so not a pretty sight!). Give it a try, but with a good brand!



Am I missing anything this month?

Let me know if you have tried these products and what is your thought about them; or if you would like to add anything to this post or make a suggestion on products, let me know on the comments below.



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