Roxi the Electric Jukebox

Hi Everyone,

Today I am testing Roxi from the Electric Jukebox, Unboxing and showing what you can expect.

With ROXI, you get 1 year of unlimited music streaming right out of the box. No subscription commitment, no accounts and no hassle.
And even better news, a 12-month Premium Music Pass for the second year costs just £52.

  • Listen to Unlimited Music. Choose from 100s of playlists.
  • Tune into 1000s of radio stations from across the globe.
  • Sing With The Stars, karaoke-style with 1000s of tracks.
  • Play the world’s favourite music quiz, Name That Tune, featuring millions of songs from every genre and decade.
  • Unique motion-based controller has a microphone for Voice Search.
  • With ROXI, you can choose to block explicit lyrics and content.
  • This little box of joy is going to light up your home with more music entertainment then you’ll know what to do with.


What’s In the Box:

  • ROXI hub, which connects to your TV (and can also connect to speakers)
    ROXI controller
    USB charge lead
    Power adapter
    HDMI cable
    12 month Premium Music Pass


Note for the video below: Sorry for the bad sound and filming, the camera showed one thing and while editing showed (very bad) things.
But you have the notion on what to expect when you buy a Roxi.

I actually liked it, I think it needs more songs and the karaoke should have a button to turn on/off the singer voice.
Loved the Meditation/Mindfulness area.

See more of Roxi Website.


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