Safety in Halloween Costumes

Here in the ArtsMum house we treat Halloween as the beginning of the Party season (Halloween, Yule, Christmas and New year).

Halloween was always a party we’ve made, regarding the country we’d lived in.

The last year (2014) was my son RJ first Halloween, with only a month, dressed up like Superman (baby), but this year, and thanks to Smiffys, he is a Cool Spider!

And this Mama here is dressed like she always is (just kidding)…a Cool Witch

But one of the things I notice, while I was searching for the costumes is a lot of news regarding children or adults that had problems (and even injuries or worse) because of the costumes or props.

Smiffys is a certified costume seller with many years of experience.

If you have money to spend on a costume, lucky for you and hope you buy or rent a good quality one; others struggle to make their children happy but unfortunately, sometimes money don’t buy the best, is what you can get, but it can be a real hazard leading to death!

But with some rules you can have a cheap but safe costume for you and your family:  

  • Whilst Halloween is a fun time for children, the presence of burning candles means that it can quickly turn to tragedy, use electric or fake candles.
  • See or ask the seller about the quality of the costume and if it has the tag of highly-flammable costume it means the manufacturer is worthy and honest.
  • Make sure the costume is easy to dress as well as to undress, so if something happens, like your child get anxious or with lack of air, you can undress him fast, or even if it gets fire or other reason (good grief!) you can tear it off or use a scissor. 

My crazy spider you can get it HERE
The Witch costume you can get it HERE
In the UK, this issue is of even greater concern, as the burning candles of Halloween are frequently accompanied by the bonfires and fireworks of Guy Fawkes Night.
So make sure you cover all the issues above and start trick or treating safely and having loads of Spookilous Fun!

Thank you to Smiffys for the First costumes we ever had for Halloween!

Cheerio #BOO

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