Learn & Groove Musical Table from Leapfrog

Learn and Groove Musical Table introduces songs and instruments, shapes, colours and more! 

The table also has an optional mode to swap languages between English and French, to start building on early language skills. 

The table has over 70 songs, tunes and learning responses so children can stand up and play or explore on the floor as they dance and sing along to classic children’s tunes including the Alphabet and Old MacDonald. 

Through helping children develop early motor, numeracy, colour and musical skills the table has been in popular demand from parents as a way for young children to remain entertained whilst learning valuable skills. 

My son started to walk around the 12 months and this table has been of great help, since he can crawl at it and to play he simply stands up by himself.

The table is really well made, ergonomically and, for a musical family as we are, he plays with it everyday discovering the tunes we likes most and play with the little piano.

There are 2 ways of playing using the book in the middle of the table:

  • If the page shows the ABC 123 – Your child will learn and sing the Alphabet song, count the numbers, hear the shapes and colours.

  • If the page shows the musical instruments – Your child will use the instrument sounds such as the piano, trumpet, xylophone, maracas, drums and the voice box; plus hear songs like Itsy Bitsy spider.

I (sorry…), RJ simply loves his table!

The good thing about this table is that it’s from 6 to 36 Months, so even if you have a baby that doesn’t walk or crawl, you take the feet of the table and put the table on the floor so your baby can play with it.

Resuming the Learn and Groove Musical Table, it will:

  • Introduces numbers, letters, shapes, colors and more.
  • Flick a switch and you can choose to learn in English or French!
  • Your child will listen to colourful sounds, songs and instruments such as the piano and drum.
  • Your child will sing along or dance to the sound of  classic children’s tunes such as “Old MacDonald” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

It will teach skills like:

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Shapes
  • Music & Rhythm

The Musical Table Dimensions:
Product dimensions: 21Wx15.5Hx5.3D
Package weight: 4.9 lbs

This Table gets our 5 star award!

See How the table works in my Video


Thank you to LeapFrog

Cheerio #teachmusic

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