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With a lot of awards won and appearing in magazines such as Parenting,  Mums and Tots or Baby world; Shmuncki is a brand to have an eye out.
Founded by Brit mum Helen, she wanted to have a traditional clothes to her boys and that’s when she thought about Schmuncki.

Helen says:

As a mum of two boys, I remember only too well the struggle of getting two wrigglers into (and out of) various outfits.
I wanted their clothes to be lovely, but more importantly I wanted them to be comfortable in loose fitting, safe and breathable fabrics.

I love the classic old fashioned outfits my Mum used to dress me and my brother in, so set about designing a luxury baby clothing collection which brought these two elements of heritage style and comfort, together.
Along with the ability to pop them in the washing machine!

I always avoided buttons and zips with my two, so you’ll find an abundance of poppers on all our baby clothing!

Easy to get on, over little heads and arms, and easy to remove or get at that nappy in an emergency!
And of course the finish just has to be perfect, so for me, our clothing has to be made in Britain.
You can be assured that our soft interlock cotton has been tested to Oeko-tex standard 100 and all our poppers are nickel free.

RJ, my son, has this wonderful laid back trousers, or Harem Pants (reminding me of MC Hammer), but which it makes all the difference while playing and making his “daily exercise”, comfy and cute (we need to remember that they have diapers, and some models of trousers don’t have the space, making the babies be tight).

My point of view:
Did I said it was comfy? Really well made, cotton is always cotton and therefore breathable and comfortable. The patterns are a different sight.
I have to say one thing to all the mothers of boys: If you go to buy boys clothes, you will find that in the High Street shop you have 95% clothes for girls and the rest 5% is boys, making them the normal “Spider Man” cartoons…Boring! 
What about some fresh sights like pure colors or even other type of patterns for boys?
Shmuncki surprised me with that and I LOVE IT!

Shmuncki Gets our 5 star Award

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Thank you to wonderful Helen and Shmuncki

Cheerio #Shmuncki

My review is Honest and Unbiased

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