Sophie the Giraffe – Review

Sophie the Giraffe is known nowadays by most parents.

It’s a rubbery giraffe with a friendly face that squeaks, and according to them (the manufacturer) has a lot of good things for your baby.

I bought one, since I read about it and seemed so good that I bought one for my son (6 months now but I bought it when I was pregnant).

Just to clarify that this is my opinion, my review and every kid is different in terms of toys.

My son trades Sophie for a basic teething water ring. Simple as this and I seriously don’t mind.

What I’ve learned from Sophie in the past 6 months:

  • It looks like a dog squeaky toy!
  • It’s not practical to take on the pram since it will fall 
  • It’s not ergonomic, a baby when it wants to pick something to put on the mouth, they will find a way
  • The ‘rubber’ material picks up all the dust, bobbles and hair that exists
  • After 3 or 4 times washed with water and normal hand soap, the colors will fade
  • The squeaky thing, when it gets either drool from the baby or water, becomes “constipated”, meaning that if it’s a teething animal shouldn’t it be functional?

My review on Sophie is 2 stars from 5.
Why 2? Because before the last wash she was a 3…now she looks like a psycho clearly photo bombing my photos.


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