Symprove The 12 Week Program – 6th week

I contacted Symprove company regarding my problem of IBS.

For years I have suffered for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and that could mean:
  • Low immune system (always with runny nose, or with cold, or sore throats, generally sick)long and Quick walks to the bathroom (varying between loose bowels or constipation)
  • Excruciating pain in the intestines
  • Lack of energy
  • Distended belly and stomach
  • Anemia, etc

Resuming: Having always problems with what to eat and sometimes canceling meetings with friends, or friends dinner because of the above.

I started my Symprove 12 week challenge on the 15th of April 2015.

Symprove is really easy to use (I chose the flavor Mango and Passion Fruit), you only need to take a cup (there is a cup that comes along with the Symprove bottles), take a 1 cup a day, 10 minutes before breakfast. 

On the 6th week (Middle of the program) I notice that:

  • My belly is not distended anymore
  • I’m going regularly to the bathroom like a “normal person” would go (no more hurrying
  • No more pain (so no more gas which makes the pain)
  • I am lactose intolerant and i made some experiences (this was just me and I don’t recommend anyone) with milk and I didn’t had any bad symptom
  • I notice that my immune system (which was always awful!) is stronger

On the half of this program I can say I am really satisfied with the results and I will continue till the end.

Sometimes when we are making a treatment (not only for IBS) but regarding anything, there could happen anything bad (bad symptoms or instead of ameliorate it could look the opposite), but sometimes is 80% not because of the medicine but something else that you have taken or simply is a way of your body to detox, and to detox sometimes you need to let all the “badness” inside to get out. So keep the program till the end (unless anything more extreme happen like bleeding or fainting, then you should stop immediately and call the doctor).


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