The Benefits Of Permanent Remote Working

Now that the world is looking to move back to normal, there is an important question on many of our lips – should we go back to the office

After a year of many people being stuck at home for their jobs, for many it is a relief to be going back to normality to escape the same four walls and the annoyance of family members. However, some of us don’t feel this way and have come accustomed to a more flexible and forgiving schedule. 

It is important to consider that working from home is no longer a last resort for many and in fact this tear has shown us that working from home can be just as productive as working in the office. Today we want to take a moment to consider some of the benefits that working remotely can bring to the table, and why you should consider it as a permanent move. 


Better work life balance

One of the things that many of us struggle with as adults is finding a balance between work and life. In our twenties and thirties in particular, many of us spend so much time working towards our career goals that we forget about enjoying our lives. It is so important as a worker that you also consider enjoying your personal life because after all, that’s what you work for. Being at home allows you to have more time with your family and it also means you can’t be held to ransom in the office for an impromptu meeting at 5pm on a friday. It gives you more flexibility and the ability to work hours that suit you. 


No commute 

One of the best things about working at home is that you can say goodbye to long commutes. Getting up at the crack of dawn to drive into work or get the train is never pleasant and it can put you in a bad mood way before you even reach your office. But at home all you need to do is wake up, make a cup of coffee, and walk to your home office. Enjoy 20 minutes extra sleep as well as a happier start to the day. 


Less interruption 

One of the main annoyances of being in an office is the desk phones that constantly ring and disturb you during the day. The great thing about being at home is that you can instead use a virtual telephone number and your calls will be handled by friendly receptionists. It will allow you to get on with your day and will mean you don’t have to filter through useless calls yourself. 


No micromanagement 

Working in an office can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you have access to resources and you can speak to people in person when you need help; and one the other hand you can have your boss breathing down your neck all day every day. One of the things that is important to consider when working at home is that you won’t be micromanaged. This can be reason enough to escape the clutches of office life and it will make your working days much happier and more flexible.



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