The Best Things To Do With Your Social Media

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut over your content that is! Social media is one of the biggest assets a person can have to their name, whether they’re running a personal account or they’ve got a business they need to advertise. Your social media is the perfect snapshot of your world, and a lot of the time, it’s what people will use to judge what kind of person you are. And whilst that can be an unfortunate reality, it’s also something you can use to your advantage.

So if you’re someone who’s new to updating your life on social media, or you want your posts to start having more of an impact, this is the post for you.

Here’s a couple of the best things you can do with your accounts.


Be Responsible



There’s a lot your Facebook page can say about you, and any tweet you send out can have plenty of impact on those who read it – it’s only 280 characters, so it won’t take long to read through. Because of this, more and more people need to have a handle on their social media responsibility, and the ways they can have a positive impact on the planet around them.

So if your social media is looking a little empty, or you feel your content is lacking in substance, why not get involved with the current political scene, or a charity cause you’ve always wanted to champion? It’s something the experts recommend, especially that of the Viderium CEO, as being aware of what you say online, and how you present it to the masses, will matter for any future generations.



Be More Creative



This is a very widespread idea, and everyone out there has a different definition of what the word creative means. So sure, this one takes a bit of brain power, but you’ve got that in spades, especially if your content has been feeling a little dry recently! Being creative is something everyone out there is capable of, and the fact that you’ve already reached out to show your thoughts and your work to the masses means you’re more in a position than anyone else to keep going with this idea.

So before you write off your social media accounts as life update cycles, why not think about the different ways you could present these updates? If you’re stuck at work, doodle out your frustration on a post-it note – it’s sure to make someone laugh or relate to you. If you’re at a family dinner that got a bit tense, why not write out a secret message in the peas? Every situation can be turned into something a little more creative to get people interested!

You can do whatever you want with your social media, as long as you’re happy with the final result. So start experimenting, and see what methods stick –  a breath of fresh air is always a good way to bring in new people, and they might just stick around for you!




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