The Cyclotron – The Future of Cycling

You won’t see anything similar to this from another manufacturer on this planet. After more than 3 years of extensive & highly confidential development and testing, the Cyclotron is the next big step in bicycle evolution. From this point on, regular bicycles will appear like nostalgic collector’s items, we believe the Cyclotron is: “The Future of Cycling”.

All areas of our life are progressing and evolving very fast, new inventions appear literally every day, outdating the ones from yesterday. But looking at bicycles, they haven’t evolved with nearly comparable speed within the last decades.

That’s why Cyclotron is the world’s most advanced and versatile Smart Bike. The Cyclotron is fully connected, packed with tons of innovative features and controlled by the powerful Cyclo-App.

The Features – Revolutionary Design & Unmatched Functionality

The manufactor believe a bicycle as a “utility” that should enable you to reach your goals. Whether it is to get your groceries, taking your kids to the playground or simply having fun riding it.

Uncompromised & Functional Design Statement

To handle these different “tasks” thy made the Cyclotron the most versatile and technically advanced bike available today. During the last years working on the Cyclotron project, they’ve developed a great number of ideas and solutions that make this bike truly unique. they’re currently closer checking on more than 15 patents that they’ll plan to file for. The Cyclotron is innovative power at it’s best.

Spokeless Wheels & Utility Slots

The Cyclotron is equipped with two spokeless wheels, it is the world’s first commercially available bike using this technology.

– Space for “Utility Slots” within both wheels

– Improved aerodynamics (fully integrated brakes)

– Airless tires (solid polymer, last +6,000 mi)

– Integrated mud guards

Internal E-Gear Box & Encapsulated Drive Train

– Super fast shifts in < 0.2 seconds

– Up & Downshifts under load and while standing still

– E-Gear Box model with full electronic shifting (like a mouse click)

Integrated Smart Lights & Li-Ion Battery

All lights of the Cyclotron Bike are toggled by the Automatic Light Sensor, that switches them on/off according to the current daylight situation. This tremendously enhances your visibility when riding in traffic or on roads with no public street lighting.

The Cyclotron – World’s most advanced Lighting concept

The Self charging Li-Ion Battery Pack powers the Cyclotrons lights for more than 8 hours without engaging the internal dynamo. The Cyclo-App notifies you when battery is low, so you’ll never run out of power.

The Battery is located inside the seatpost and can easily be removed for additional charging with the optional Cyclo-Charger at any wall socket.

Powerful Cyclotron App & Sensors

– Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) Sensors

– Real-time cycling data for every ride

– In-App Navigation

– Track & Train with Cyclo-Coach (*)

– Autonomous accident & emergency reporting service (**)

– Theft Prevention & GPS Bike Finder (**)

When the Sensors encounter signs of an emergency or accident, the Cyclotron App autonomously sends an emergency notification to get you help.

( * = free 1 year subscription with every cyclotron // later regular price: 10€/month, 25€/3 months, 80€/year)

( ** = optional service: 3€/month, 8€/3 months, 25€/year)

Ready to start cycling?


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