Lucid Man: A Supernatural Mystery Adventure by Gil Gray

Did you loved Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Then this book is for you.

This was a really interesting book!


Break on through to the other side

Following a tragedy in his youth, Joseph Mitchell evolves into an extraordinarily skillful lucid dreamer, able to create, control and remember his own dreams. A prominent psychologist specializing in lucid dreams offers to teach Josef a secret way into other people’s dreams. In return, Joseph should save the life of one of the psychologist’s patients – a severely depressed woman threatening to kill herself – by entering her dreams.

An original psychological thriller

In order to the woman from suicide, Joseph embarks on a rare and dangerous journey, fighting the frightening characters that inhabit her dreams. In the real world, he must answer to his concerned girlfriend and a boss, who has no clue where his favorite copywriter comes up with his brilliant ideas.

Fantasy and science come together

Lucid man takes place in the streets of San Francisco and inside a haunted woman’s mind. It weaves insights from the world of lucid dreaming and Kabballah to create a thrilling narrative that places the dream world as a gateway to fantastic possibilities. A thriller you will not be able to put down.

It follows the story of a man who frequently has lucid dreams (dreams where you know you are dreaming and thus can control things in your dream) and how his life is impacted by his ability to dream lucidly so often.

The book balances what his life is like in the real world and what his experiences are like when he is dreaming. It gives a lot of detail so you can really imagine both his reality and dream situations. It describes the power of dreaming and the effect (both positive and negative) it can have in your reality.

The main character is eventually able to enter other people’s dreams, which comes with its own unique situations.

By following daily life routines, the main character, bring us closer to look to the role that subconscious and conscious are involved in the life. Furthermore, he is aware of his dreams, and can live through his dream.

Gil Gray opens a new window, full of insights to new dimension of consciousness, carrying a message – you can live your dreams. But, still be aware of the dangers of living your dreams – like on this book.

A must read for fans of Sci-fi/Psychological thrillers.

Age recommended: YA, 15+

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