The Magic Chair: The search for Santa

A different kind of think s what I have to show you today.

The Magic Chair is a website where you can personalize books with your child’s name (or to give as a gift) and create a wonderful adventure that will raise a smile for sure on the little one’s.

They also have other products that you can attach to the gift such as Puzzles, Christmas Eve boxes or why not a cute Card with your child’s character.

The Magic Chair and the Search for Santa is a great book, with wonderful illustrations, written in rhyme and I decided to make a little video telling the story of my little RJ as I would normally read to him.

Sorry for my “nasal” voice… the allergies are here.



For more information on The Magic Chair, look on their website  ——–>





This books is definitely a keeper and I love it. It’s illustration is absolutely wonderful and cute giving the warmth sensation of Christmas.

Thank you Magic Chair!


Alejandra for AM


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