The only Smart Clasp in the World – Link by Wearatec

The ultimate phone is so last year… Now everyone is thinking about a Smart watch.

But what about you have a real watch and it can be luxurious and a REAL watch (some of us still love watches) and still be perfectly functional with your phone?

LINK, by Wearatec, is the first of its kind, it is a smart-clasp which can be attached to any watch. You just replace your watch’s existing clasp with LINK to make it smart. 

It basically turns your luxury analog watch into a full featured smartwatch. Attached are a couple of pics on its features and technical specifications. 
LINK will run its own apps like calendar, music player, fitness and activity (for this they are working on a partnership with Fitbit), Gmail, Alarms, timers, etc… 

In addition, they will be adding a microphone so you can communicate with Siri and other digital assistants, recite text messages, etc… 

LINK will also allow you to use contactless payment using your watch (same technology that’s used on mastercards for tap), for this they are also working on establishing partnerships with digital payment processing companies.

The watch itself has only one model, all o them are equal but they have different colors, such as Chrome, Black, Gold and Rose Gold. 
The straps are easy to change and they have 2 types of straps. 

The “Smart” part is a Smart Clasp, the only one in the world. 

There still in Pre-order and the Wearetec team told me that the launch will probably be in March.

I am really anxious about this launch since I want to have one!!

Find more about them in their website

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