Food allergies You didn’t knew!

My Dears the truth is:

Our food is not the same from 50 years ago. And with all the chemicals, pollution and preservatives and a lot of politics behind, our food is not good and is poisoning us.

Not to be dramatic here, but do you know anyone that doesn’t have a food allergy?

A food Allergy is when your body cannot cope with that type of food.

It can be manifested by sick/upset stomach, headaches, vomiting, skin discoloration or skin rash… Basically you will feel ill.

Don’t be fooled if you think a person with food allergies is thin. On the opposite, food allergies will bloat you!

A food allergy can be either genetic (someone form your family can have it as well) or can be obtained suddenly or throughout the years.

I am talking for myself. My family has certain food allergies that I don’t have, and I noticed that my allergies, as I go on with my life, they are appearing bit by bit.

Below I am going to talk a bit of known and some unknown allergies that probably you didnt know it can be or maybe you are already prone to it.


Gluten allergy is starting to be really common. a person with gluten allergy is called a Celiac and cannot mix his food with gluten products. Now, people are discovering that there are other type of people: the gluten intolerant. For me, they are both the same, but for Health system they aren’t. and here is the major concern. a Celiac person is detected by blood tests, a gluten intolerant is not. I am still waiting for someone to tell me the difference – but hey… Politics again right!


Oh yeah! I am sooo allergic to peach! Peach used to be one of my favourite fruits, till a day I was traveling and ate one. suddenly I felt so sick, my stomach completely stopped working and an explosive migraine showed up. While traveling…this is not a fun thing. Since then I cannot eat peach or anything near it or from it’s family.

Balsamic Vinegar

The “Oh so chic vinegar” makes you burn…are I am not talking about calories…but your bladder. Balsamic vinegar is a plague right now… unfortunately no one talks about this and is basically in every restaurant. I’ve sent an email to Jamie Oliver telling him this. Balsamic vinegar has a fruity taste, but to achieve that fruity taste, the acids from those fruits provokes a ketogenic (being one of the primary fruits – the raspberry) and if you suffer or have suffered at any time of your life UI (urinary infections) you will definitely shouldn’t be using balsamic vinegar. Balsamic Vinegar can make you have an UI in about 5 minutes (from the moment you ate a tiny amount to reach you blood stream). Not fun, very painful. Please stop with the balsamic vinegar or at least ask first if people can have it of their food!


Another trendy thing… Paleo guys will hate me, but I do Paleo foods as well, that’s why I now know I am allergic to it. From the coconut water, milk, oil, butter and even the coconut flour… allergic. I don’t feel so ill like the Peach above, but if I continue, my body will stop fighting the symptoms and will let the allergy be free a 100%. For example: yesterday i baked some paleo flapjacks with coconut flour and coconut oil. I ate it. In a couple of minutes I started to notice the corners of my mouths to have a type of itchiness and in my face (as is right now) I have spots and a type of rash. Then my stomach started to crush me with pain that i had to lie down. these are symptoms that you have a “food poisoning” or allergy. I can say it’s from the coconut because it’s not the first time I notice this. Coconut my friends, is on the list!


You didnt know? Artichokes are really great and so yummy good on salads! I did discovered this allergy, some years ago, on some of my patients that were trying to reduce weight on my sessions. Artichoke extract is on almost every slimming product. From detox drops to add to water, to proteins, to drainage gels, etc. Artichoke properties help t reduce weight by eliminating toxins through urine. But it’s allergy can go to heavy burns on skin (where application was made) creating first a pimple then the skin will peel off – not great to see and definitely painful and lasts some months to completely heal – to all the allergy symptoms. If you buy something with Artichoke, try a bit first.


Normally associated and used along with artichoke, L-Carnitine is a type of oil that will help your muscles to get lean and to firm skin. You have them in whey products or weight tablets, or even if boost pills and some gels, to help on the gym. The reactions are similar to the Artichoke. Try it first and see reactions.


Same as gluten. Present of every little daily thing, Lactose is a sugar found in animal milk. And as in Gluten intolerants and celiacs, the same happens here. Me and RJ (my 2 year old son) we are lactose intolerant. Gastric problems and rash are the main symptoms for us. But… we are intolerant to products “without lactose” – such as Lactose free products. We made those tests at home and we cannot drink or eat anything made with animal milk, either with or without lactose. So how do you call someone with lactose and non lactose intolerance? Again… politics.


And here it is! My pearl of wisdom for you to think about it. Yes you can be Alcohol intolerant! You know when someone says, I can only drink a little… Maybe that person is alcohol intolerant! But there are 3 causes here;

  1. anemia
  2. Lack of Vitamin B12
  3. true 100% allergic to alcohol

I discovered this, when I was really on my anemic days – Iron and folic acid deficiency, and even a sip from a beer, I would get a hangover migraine 5 minutes later. Then I treated my anemia and everything is normal now. I started to research about it and it can happen. Why? You’ve guessed it: Politics! Either you drink a proper wine and a proper alcohol or rubbish. But you will start to notice more people complaining about this. stay tuned for that.


If you’re hypochondriac and reaching the end of this post without calling the Doctor’s office, I congratulate you!

Do you have any allergies? Let me know about it on the comments below so we can all relate to you and find more about it.


Disclaimer: For any symptoms or tests, please see your doctor. I am writing this based in my very own experience and the clinical cases I have. If you are concerned please check with your doctor or leave me a comment below.

Alejandra for AM

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