Oxo Tools – Ergonomical design in the Kitchen for you and your child

OXO began with a few simple questions – Why do ordinary kitchen tools hurt your hands? Why can’t there be wonderfully comfortable tools that are easy to use?

Oxo (not to be compared to the cooking cubes) is a design brand of Kitchen utilities that invested in the children feeding section (thank goodness) with a huge success.

If you don’t know about them let me help you.

Oxo main objective is to create more comfortable cooking tools that would benefit all users, designing products for young and old, male and female, left- and right-handed and many with special needs. 

Today, OXO is recognized globally by many prestigious institutions, including Harvard Business School and the Royal College of Arts, among others.

As my son is growing up, as a parent there are some things I notice I need a tweak (or upgrade as you want to call it) on his cups, plates cutlery; so he can learn how to use properly and eat by himself. The task is hard but we are the ones for this job, as parents.

I notice that he prefers to eat with a fork than with a spoon, he prefers a round plate so his hands or fork will easily catch the food (sometimes food get lost in his hair I don’t know why… #parentslife) and he obviously prefers drink by a straw than by a sippy cup… So I think he likes challenges because when I go to the mothers forums they all say it’s harder with this… 

Oxo kindly sent me these huge bundle, which I love and RJ has been using it since it arrived.
Very good quality and oh so durable!

The Twist Top Water Bottle
Amazing cup. Different cup (for the better) that my son has tried and excellent to clean. All the pieces are washable and assembly is great. On many straw cups, you can’t remove all the pieces to wash or if you can, is a nightmare to assemble everything.
This one is really a good sippy cup in which he can drink nicely and you can close it and your child can’t open it again. This cup has been thrown, washed gazillion times by hand and in the washing machine and looks like new without a scratch (Oxo did you made this from Kryptonite?). Excellent cup! Plus the handle is convenient in several ways; your child can grab by it, can chew it (it’s made from a  kind of, again, kryptonite rubber), you can attach it to the pram by a hook, and much more.

Fork and Spoon Set

For parents in search of some tips, one that I really discovered is that, your toddler doesn’t have a good grip when something is thin, like crayons, pencils or cutlery. The best things for them to grab and hold are thick, round pieces.
This cutlery is excellent and he can grab it very well and has precision to take food to the mouth or try to pick something from the plate. Plus you have a range of colours to match everything on this post.

Training Plate
Is in fact a training plate. This plate has been thrown, I’ve used a knife to cut the food in it, microwaved, washed by hand and on dishwasher a million times (ok gazillion), this is the plate that he has been using for months. Is perfect. I suspected at first because the blue part that you see, the blue rim, comes out so you can wash it, and I thought that with so many times coming of it would eventually become loose. Not at all. I know I take good care of my things, as a good OCD that I am, but this plate has been through hell… Toddler I mean toddler…
The blue rim (you have matching colours) make a curve in which is excellent for children grab the food with a spoon and fork.
The base of the plate is made from that good rubber, and this plate looks new.

I love these pieces!

Give it a try with this Oxo Tot pieces (they have a full range of goodies for our little ones), see below (click on the image to be redirected)

Cheerio #oxotot #parentingtips

Thank you to Oxo
My opinion is Honest and Unbiased

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