These 3 Business Outfit Accessories Will Help You Exude Power

These 3 Business Outfit Accessories Will Help You Exude Power

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and you want to be the one that comes out alive. Running a business or navigating a professional career can be a big challenge – especially as a woman. You’re always fighting an uphill battle as you try to gain respect from your peers. Women in management roles often struggle with this as people think that can take advantage of the fact you’re a woman.

Well, it’s time to show them who’s in charge! We’ve spoken about what to wear to feel like a boss before, but this article takes a slightly different approach. We’re all about exuding power and making people take you seriously. You want your peers to look at you and feel the power and confidence emanating from you as you walk by. To do this, you need to get your hands on three special outfit accessories:

A statement necklace

Wearing a stunning statement necklace will establish yourself as a power player in a business setting. It doesn’t need to be a massive or complicated thing – you can find a simple women’s necklace that exudes all the power in the world. The trick is wearing something that catches people’s attention and is easy to see. It should look fancy and expensive; people should think “damn, that’s worth a lot.” This makes your peers see you in a different light immediately. You’re no longer a pushover but rather someone they’re growing to respect and take seriously.

A designer handbag

Arm yourself with a designer handbag to further make a statement and establish yourself as a person of authority at work. Again, it’s the idea of using your accessories as a way of flaunting your status. If you turn up with a tattered tote bag that’s seen better days, people aren’t going to take you that seriously. You don’t look like someone who means business! But, if you arrive every day with a stunning designer bag, you turn heads. People start taking notice of you and there’s almost an element of intimidation involved. They get a bit nervous talking to you because you look like a person with authority.

Heeled shoes

Finally, you should complete your outfits with some heeled shoes. They should be business-appropriate heels, but the impact they have will be massive. For one, heels give you a slight height boost, which helps you stand tall and look like a more dominating presence in the office. Secondly, heels sound really good when you walk along hard floors. There’s something chilling about the sound of heels hitting the floor while you’re working. It exudes a sense of power and makes you sound like an absolute boss.

Combine these accessories with a great work outfit and you will soon be the most respected person in the office. We sadly still live in a society where people have an unconscious bias towards women, particularly when they’re in positions of power. It shouldn’t be this way, but you almost have to earn their respect. Dressing appropriately and arming yourself with these accessories will soon show everyone that you’re the big power player in your workplace. They’ll certainly stop looking down on you and will begin to realise you are the person in charge.

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