Trendy Alpaca from Plum Of London

What is an Alpaca
Is a long-haired domesticated South American mammal related to the llama, valued for its wool.

(source: Internet)

The difference between an Alpaca and a Llama (source: Internet)

Why use Alpaca fibre?
Alpaca has infinite benefits and advantages:
  • Hypoallergenic (Alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin meaning that garments made using pure (100%) alpaca retain that quality. Alpaca fibre is therefore especially good for babies, children and those with sensitive skin).
  • Extremely durable
  • As soft yet finer than cashmere
  • Excellent thermal qualities
  • Lightweight and lustrous handling
  • Lacks the ‘prickle factor’ associated with wool
  • Resistant to wrinkling
  • Does not retain water
  • Resistant to stains
  • Resistant to odours
  • Fire Resistant
  • Wicks away body moisture
  • Resistant to solar radiation
  • Easy to clean
  • Naturally antibacterial (Because lanolin is absent from alpaca fibre, pure alpaca clothing repels dust mites and other organic matter which might trigger allergies).

…Need I say more?

(source: Internet)

About Plum of London and it’s 6 key principles
  • Ethically Sourced (One of the most important cornerstones of Plum of London: whether it hails from Britain or South America, its ethically source is all of high quality yarn, from specialist mills who operate under the fair trade code of conduct).
  • British Made
  • Eco-friendly
  • Contemporary Designed
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Royal Alpaca (They use only the highest quality grade of alpaca fibre in their range – Royal Alpaca is considered even smoother, softer, stronger and warmer than cashmere. Less than 1% of all alpaca fibre production in the world can be classified as Royal Alpaca which allows them to bring a collection both rare and exclusive).

Luxury Alpaca clothing for Children
This collection is warm, strong and luxurious and a commitment to quality

Alpaca is perfect for children as it is hypoallergenic, soft yet durable, and is resistant to wrinkling, pilling, stains, odours and even solar radiation! 
So whether it’s a brightly coloured v-neck, an exquisite hand finished cardigan or a vintage style nautical themed crew neck, you’ll want to dress someone you know in one of these versatile alpaca designs.

Here are some of the pieces I have for RJ
(Click in the photo if you wish to be redirected)

Plum of London signature piece: I love it!!

RJ wearing his comfy Cardigan

RJ wearing the pom pom beenie (link below)

Definitely a must have in your child and you wardrobe. You can feel the softness and you see and feel it’s durable, plus most of the pieces are Unisex, so you can exchange!
I recommend Plum of London to every one that prefer to have a good piece of clothing and appreciate comfort, be trendy and still help in fair trade and in  a British brand.

And Here are some comfy this for mummy and daddy 
because they deserve as well

Pom pom Beenie and ribbed Snood

I am warm and cozy with my beenie

It’s Unisex so you can exchange at home

Thank you to Plum of London for this great experience 
and for helping us to be warmer this winter

Cheerio #alpacaishot

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