Thing I find in the Media III

Back to School (Attention US)

Print your loved one a Tshirt with his favourite character

Tattoos with your number on… I like this idea!

Backpack as an Hamburger? Love the Lunch tote as an apple!

How girly can this be!

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Some Ideas on how to put a new face on those old shoes.
Paint them with 3D paint, collages or glitter do the trick. Just like new!

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Bento Boxes Ideas!

Home and Food Tips

PB&J Sushi?? ohhh

Nice Idea!


This is soooo easy to do! 

Love the Zoo Mat!

Parents Things

FREE Canopy!!

5 Pairs FREE

Fun Time

HAHA I so review myself doing this!

I am one! Go Twitter!

Love the Record Player and the Walkman coming back!

This gave me an Idea!

Write to Princess Sofia and she will write you back!

Fashion News

I noticed that in Fashion Catwalks: The Flared Jeans/trousers, the Culotte Trousers,
The patterns, the dresses with geometrical patterns, Boots more manly like Chelsea Boots,
the return of the tassle shoes… YAY!!!

Double Yay!! Throw out the nonsense hair burners… oops…straighteners!


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