ThingMaker 3D Printer: 3D printing toys at home

The ThingMaker 3D printer gives you the power to take your custom designs and make them real for your family. 

Have fun creating and playing with figures that you made yourself Right at home! 

Design with the ThingMaker Design app, available NOW in the Apple App store and Google Play. Choose from a variety of templates including figures, dolls, and jewelry or build your own from scratch! 

Print from the cloud, sending your designs to print straight from a tablet or web browser. Choose from a variety of templates

Heated Print Head Safety Feature: When printing is completed, the heated print head retracts into a recess that hands can’t reach. 

Automated Door Lock: The printer door automatically locks when printing begins, making it impossible to reach inside while the heated printer head is in motion. Integrated Filament System: Internal storage and protected feeding system keeps filament out of harm’s way.


How cool is this!

Cheerio #futureishere

Source: Amazon and USAToday

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