Things You Should Have: A Family Calendar


Everyone at any point has one. 
It can be little, can be like an agenda or on the mobile.
But no kitchen door (on the back of the door) or office, is complete without one.
Now a Family Calendar is different.
A family Calendar for a family of 5, with 5 different scheduling columns, and monthly pockets makes all the difference. 

Why the Columns:

No more writing in little handwriting what is going to happen, or put 3 appointments that in the end you cannot write.
If you have a meeting, you husband has to pick up the car from the office, your daughter has a math test and the baby vaccines, everyone has their column.

Why the Monthly Pockets:

If you like me likes to collect coupons, here is something useful.
Since I am not in the States right now, I cannot use all the coupons in a single transaction (darn…), in the UK we use a coupon for one item at a time, in ne single transaction. One coupon one transaction.
I used to have a bowl in the kitchen where I put all the coupons… No need to say i forgot like 70% of them and they got out of date.
With your monthly pockets you can organize your coupons for each month and use them.

This Family Calendar brings some cute stickers to add (more) color to the inside.

Who is BusyB:

BusyB is a brand that started in 1997, named back then K TWO that started to won several prizes for being innovative, useful and specially for being clever products. The family calendar was one of his best invention till today.

Try the BusyB website, you won’t regret it and we recommend them.
(Click the image below to be forwarded)

Thank you to Busy B

Cheerio #BusyB

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