Things you should have: The Trendy Midi Cardigan

When I was in High School in the 90’s (long ago), I had this Long Cardigan I loved it! I don’t have a picture of it but I will remember that grey cardigan forever, my sister and I had exactly the same maxi cardigan (or coat), whatever you want to call it… I call it Midi Cardigan since it’s knitted like a big Cardigan, some may call it Midi or Maxi Cardigan, others long coat.

Now the trend is the same type of knitted Cardigan… And I got a grey one again! YAY!

Some people in fashion industry will let you know that:
1 – If you are short and have a “little weight on” you should NOT wear one…

I say:
1 and only: I agree BUT the right accessory and the right attitude makes the person and the fashion statement.

One of the things I really take a goof look nowadays, when buying or even writing about it, is if the product is in line with an fair trade rules. You all have seen my tweets and posts about several things, personalized counts as a fair trade since I like to help the high street little shops and sellers that are creating by hand their products, for me it means loving what they do.

Fair trade is exactly that: is a fair trade made by a company that pays the correct and fair price to a seller (sometimes in underdeveloped countries) to have something to eat. That my dears is what I support.

 Nomads Clothing

I came across this awesome brand called Nomads and they have exactly the same kind of philosophy that I have: Fair trade and the most cute and trendy pieces.,.. And I saw my Grey Cardigan there!
Oh the memories! (*bring the violins*).

Again! size x weight = a no no? 

Nope… Bring those Midi Cardigans out and I will let you know How I use them!

First of all, my Cardi is extremely cosy and warm… I have to tell the truth: it’s hot hot hot! I sometimes wear it with a tshirt because it is really hot, which means that the fibre is a good fibre and it’s well made.
You can wear absolutely anything underneath, from colorful to patterns, or just basics.

You can either wear it in a cosy sunday to go to the park like this

or to go to work with high heels

To add some bling to it, I like to use accessories. 
Why not use a different tone, maybe metallic gold belt

Wonderful with long scarfs or long necklaces

And to be different, use a brooch

I ABSOLUTELY love my Midi Cardigan!

See more colours from Nomad Clothing and
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 Nomads Clothing

Cheerio #trendimaxicardigan

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