Breakfast with Father Christmas

…oh what a FUN DAY!!

It was the 1st time RJ saw Father Chirstmas… the thing at start wasn’t easy but let me tell you all about it!

We went to the Wyevale Centre in Barnett Hill to have a Breakfast with Father Christmas.

 Barnett Hill

A great start of the day with the 3 of us, Santa and the fun Elfs 
(thank you to Figgy and Nora the Elfs!).

An “Elfie”with Figgy

We danced

Naughty Nora and RJ dancing

We ate a wonderful homely breakfast

Adults English Breakfast…yumm!

Children English Breakfast

Still all the yumminess, but RJ is only one
and that Toast looked wonderful!

Where is Santa??

We painted Christmas Gingerbread cookies 
(or tried…I really tried but RJ just wanted to eat it)

Forget it mum…give me that tasty cookie!

RJ and Father Christmas
It started on the wrong foot (poor father Christmas and poor RJ) since it’s normal for the kids to be afraid to new things, but as I know my son, he was hungry and RJ and Hungry is either grumpy or can lead to tears…as any toddler…or adult…me!
But this dear Santa really made his efforts and voilá! the smile came and everything was fine and best friends.

Santa and RJ became friends

And Santa got a selfie too!
Thank you Santa!

RJ had lovely treats!!
A Christmas cracker, gold coins and Santa gave him a toy!!

I am going to pull his beard now to see if it is real!

Oh my goodnesssss…You are real!!

It’s was really a fun day! I have to go there again.
The Elfs, Father Christmas and the Barnett Hill staff are so friendly that you really feel at home with them.

Plus I got these new Christmas Tree Decorations

I Do have to praise Barnett Hill since I will start to go there more often for Tea and cakes and shopping.

To know more about Wyevale Garden Centres 
Breakfast with Father Chirstmas 
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 Breakfast with Father Christmas

Cheerio #WesawSantaandtheElfs

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