Scheduling with Blogger

Have you ever wondered how bloggers have time to post so many things, take care of the family and travel?
Or if you are a Blogger with your Blog in Blogger, how you can do it?

Well I have to speak for my experience.

I normally agree to a certain time with brands to try and let them know my point of view first and a deadline. If  am behind the schedule I will let them know.

The brands that contact a Parenting blogger know that you ave kids to take care and will understand, still you have to let them know whats happening.

I normally tend to write some basic things about the thing I am reviewing, leaving it in Draft Mode in the blog. Thing like the press releases and specifications, most generic things. Then I will only need to write my review. This is my base line of Organization.
Without this and the amount of work I have, I couldn’t do it in time.

So I use the Schedule in Blogger.

Imagine that you go on vacation but would like everything organized so your followers won’t miss you and your work won’t stay behind with the brands:
You use the Schedule.

Here is how you do it (Blogger only!)

Create your normal Post

Click on the Schedule tab

Click to set date and time

Set the date you need the post to go Online

Set the hour you want the post to go Online

This is what it will look like on the Schedule tab

Click in Publish, it will only Publish in the Scheduled time.
If you don’t press Publish, it won’t be published and stay in Draft!!

You will see the post as Scheduled

And That’s it!
You can go out, on vacation, take care of your family and everything is organized and don’t forget to send an email to the brand saying when the post will be online.

Cheerio #StayOrganized

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