Top Technological Advancements of Home Security Systems

Top Technological Advancements of Home Security Systems

We’ve integrated technology into nearly every aspect of our lives, including our security. Security systems are necessities in today’s world. There are many reasons to install smart appliances in your home, and one is that security features are becoming more advanced. So, what are some of the top technological advancements of home security systems? Learn more about them here.

Smart Doorbells

A smart doorbell is a great way to increase security in your home. Instead of looking through a keyhole or opening a chained door, smart technology allows you to see, record, and speak to a person knocking at your door. You can do all this with your smartphone.

Smart doorbells are optimal for several reasons. They can alert you that the pizza guy is at your door or that someone is trying to force their way into your home. Some even notify you if something is amiss and allow you to call the police at the push of a button if you have an unexpected guest.

Drop-In Features

Suppose you get notified that an intruder is in your home or someone is at the door. You can talk through your doorbell or smart device, like Alexa or Google Home. You can also “drop in” to check the status of your house and listen to conversations, or even talk to people.

This feature is often used mundanely, such as if you need to talk to the kids from across the house. However, you can also drop in and record situations when intruders enter your home. In that way, it can be indispensable. This is a major technological advancement in home security systems.

Security Cams With Face Recognition

Security cameras aren’t new, but the technology behind them is improving. There are home security cameras with full-color voice and face recognition. Depending on how advanced your camera is, it can even search police state databases to determine if an intruder or suspicious person is already a criminal with charges. Face recognition from different angles can give a full picture of a person’s face so you don’t have to worry about giving the police an accurate description.

Overall, there are several advanced technologies that you can take advantage of to secure your home. We’ve given you a lot of ideas here, so the next step is to go to your local retailer and pick up a home security system!

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