Top Ways to Make Your School More Accessible

Top Ways to Make Your School More Accessible

As somebody who either works in or runs a school, you have to ensure that inclusion is one of the most important policies that you have. Eradicating discrimination in education is so important, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are – as yet – completely inclusive and accessible in your environment.

Making your school accessible isn’t just about ramps to the doors, either but we will cover that later on. You should be active in making the infrastructure of your school as accessible as possible, from canopies for schools outside so that parents who are caring for their children are comfortable, to ensuring that you have rails and ramps through the building. To be able to build a more inclusive and accepting educational environment, we’ve got some tips to help you to do it.


Install Wheelchair Ramps

As we said, we’re covering that now! Installing ramps throughout the school wherever possible is a good start for helping students get around. It’s not just about the children who may be in wheelchairs, or the staff members who may need it, but even children who break their leg outside or on school premises need to be able to get around effectively. Installing ramps where any small flights of stairs or particularly hilly areas are present ensures that everybody is included and everybody can use those areas.


Install a Lift

Have you ever considered installing a lift at your school? If not, it’s time to do so. You don’t need to have them on every floor, and they are not for every student or personnel member. Those with disabilities will have a better chance of arriving to lessons on time, preventing them from missing out on valuable learning opportunities and being able to have easy access to classes just like every other person.


Widen your Corridors

Wider corridors are important if you want to promote inclusion of your school. They should be wide enough to house multiple wheelchairs, multiple queues of children, and if there are children on crutches or those who move slower than others there should be rails down the walls so that there is easy grab access just in case of a full. They don’t want to become Rd blockers, and other children would be more accepting of those around them if they have enough space to move in the rush between lessons.


Accessible Locker Systems

Having a designated locker spot in the school for wheelchair users that is separate from the rest of their friends can make people feel left out. Instead, offering accessible locker systems alongside the regular locker systems is easier and that means that children won’t be separated from their friends at any stage of their school day. Remember, we are promoting inclusion, not exclusion.


Making your school more accessible is important, but it should also be comfortable and practical. This is why we discussed canopies for schools outside, so rain or shine parents are going to be comfortable if they shouldn’t be walking in and out of the school environment.

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