Transformulas: Beauty without Surgery

Oh I missed talking about skincare!

I don’t wear makeup everyday, but my skincare is always on fleek! Not being smarty pants here, but it needs to be! And I am not joking!

Your skin is the largest organ you have, it’s your protection, your shield and you need to take care of it.

Our world, and you, is in constant change –  and if you wear makeup and don’t take care of your skin properly, the aftermath of it will make you wish you could turn time or if you have money (and hopefully a good recovery),  you can change it surgically.

I am NOT at all against surgeries. You are in charge of what you want to do with your own body and be and feel happy. And since i don’t have the money for some things, I prefer to take really good care on what I can and have time for it – as in: I am not that old.

I take care of my skin since i was perhaps 12 or 13th, my mother always told me and my sister all the routines and made sure we never left home without at least a moisturizer.

By 22, I was already wearing anti-aging moisturizer and serums. My skin is sensitive and very very dry, if if I don’t take care of it, i would grow old prematurely – something that I am terrified to see nowadays in so many teenagers with 18 years that look way older than me. When we are young we want to be older, when we are older we want to be young. I don’t want either. I want to be me since I am good on my skin (pun intended).

While on my travels, I was reading the airplane magazine when i noticed an ad about some skincare called Transformulas.

Their philosophy is the following:

Bridging the gap between medical and cosmetic treatments, we offer groundbreaking formulas that are clinically researched and specially designed to fight the signs of ageing in an effective, safe and non-invasive way. Just call us the Delia – actually, make that Nigella, of the beauty industry.


That grabbed my attention – as I am always searching for skincare products, if not for me, for my family, friends, you that normally reads my blog and follows me on social media.

I went to their website and they explain everything really well for Newbies and Pros, which is kind of hard to find, since every brand assume that all of us are born with the knowledge. take a read in their Website.

Spoken with them (which I say a huge THANK YOU!) they kindle sent me some gifts… and I loved it!!

Let’s Step up the game – skin game:

Marine Miracle Creme

Daily Mail described as ‘A face lift in a jar’ and I can confirm it. Smooth, soft and not greasy, try it for at least a week. 7 days and this will make you return some crazy nights or years, back in time.

On my list of wear at least once in a life time or forever! If you thought Why mermaid Ariel will always be pretty, here is the why: the fact that it contains Algae and Sea Kelp will help on give nutrition and vitamins to your skin. (don’t try and get the same in the beach… These Kelp and Algae are treated for this purpose. The Lysidine contained in the Marine Miracle creme will act as a relaxer of the pores – your skin won’t sag, I promise.

Transformulas Face Contour Cream

They say it will peel back the years… I say it’s true! Their Clinical tests state 75% of users saw a reduction in under eye bags, lines and wrinkles a day after application. I don’t have wrinkles (yet) but with all the weight loss yo-yo’s my face can look a bit dull and can actually lack of tightening. Also shoe me a mum that doesn’t have a eye bag or under eyes aren’t puffy or has dark circles (guilty!). This creme will be a full in 1 creme. Use it on it’s own, or as I do, I use it before my daily moisturizer as a serum. believe me it will soften those lines and prepare your skin for a natural makeup the whole day, treating and caring – just don’t forget about the SPF! SPF is obligatory!

The Transformulas came to revolution the skin care for those that can’t have a surgery or simply don’t want to. Time is money, and I bet my money on the Transformulas, they will go far on their formulas and their clinical results are amazing.

Take a look at their Website for more information: 

Thank you to Transformulas, you are Fab!

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