Curvissa New Bridal Fashion: Your perfect day Fitted!

I know how it is to search for wedding dresses that really fit your size and curves, and especially be comfortable and one of the most important things in a wedding dress: Be gorgeous and be You!

Thankfully the world and the society is changing, and long are the days that they used to look like a “bag”.

I got excited by the new Bridal collection from Curvissa and decided to pick it up a few dresses, shoes and bits and bobs of what a bride needs.

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Bride Dresses

Super affordable! I like that. To be honest, its a dress for one day, and unless you can (You do You!) the dress will be only for that day. And also I don’t like that almost-gone-trend of thrashing the dress…. is nonsense, waste of money and bring bad energy to your newly wedding, don’t you think? Keep it positive and beautiful, as the Bride always is!



With or without sleeves, you can choose the dress as you like it. I think a bit of a sleeve in sheer fabric brings always an elegant twist.




Your size, Your width! Spending your beautiful day in a pair of shoes that will hurt you, is a no-no! So make sure you choose the hight of the heel according to what you are used to. I would suggest a large kitten heel, short but resistant to the daily impact.





Because we are in the UK, it might (definitely) rain! Or be chilly!

So why not get a Bolero or jacket that can be used in those situations and suit your Bridal Dress?





Even though someone will carry it, you need a clutch or a bag with your things: mobile, lipstick, face powder, tissues, mints, etc. It’s ok if it’s not white and you can add a little bling and colour to your ensemble.




Now, this is a decision only made by you. it depends on the dress, and if you take a bolero or jacket, your shoes, etc. The traditional for a Bride is having a simple delicate necklace with a pearl of a diamond, the same as the earrings: it depends on your hair do. Try all of them previously, take them when you are trying out the dress.



Images from Curvissa

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