Vitamins and Yogo – Let’s Talk Health + Giveaway

I do like to have my stack of Vitamins – did you notice the importance I give to Vitamins and supplements here on the blog?

Well in my house, he have lactose intolerance, then fussy eaters and then the ability of getting sick several times because… Rj is in the nursery.

Of course my vitamins and supplements are specific to our needs, as part of my medical background, I do have the knowledge about them, so if you have any question either ask your GP or I will gladly respond to those questions if you email me. (see contact).

Is really difficult as a lactose intolerant to find vitamins or supplements that can help me AND Yogurts that i like.

Strangely the variety of soy yogurts in the UK is not wide (while there countries like Portugal have like 10 different brands, the UK might have 2 or 3 – if I am mistaken, please let me know).

Some of you might say: But why don’t you use Coconut or Rice?

Well the fact is that I discovered  am allergic to Coconuts products, such as flour or milk. Coconut is actually as allergic as Soy, didn’t you knew that? Not the miracle as everyone thinks. The same goes with Almonds.

So I don’t have an easy life in some things.


THEN I met Healthspan.

I have been through a lot of changes in my health and I really need some vitamins: to sleep, to calm down, to give me a energy boost and to protect me now from the cold.

So here are some things I got for me and for RJ as well.


MultiVitamin Gummies:

These gummies are in the bear shape with 3 vibrant colors and flavors: Lemon, Orange and Raspberry.


What is the difference form the normal gummies on the shops:

  • Sugar-free chewable multivitamins for children over 3 years of age
  • Packed with essential micronutrients to support your children’s nutritional needs
  • Promoting immune health, energy production and the development of your children’s bones
  • Children aged 3 – 6, chew one gummy daily. Children aged 7+, chew one to two gummies daily.

Healthspan made a research that Children would choose certain things by it’s color. And they applied to this vitamin.

Results: RJ loves it – us too!

See more about the Multivitamin Gummies




Drinkable Yogurt with any milk!

here is what I love in this vitamin: It can be used with any milk! Simply add it to the bottle that comes with the pack and Shake it! *shake it, shake shake, shake it*

– Pun intended!


My YoGo MultiVitality Mixed Fruits comes with 20 different sticks of flavours and a glass bottle shaker.

Simply Add your desired milk till the mark on the bottle, mix the stick content and shake it. Drink and enjoy your yogurt. I use cold soy milk but you can use cow’s milk or almond or coconut milk.


Superb products from Healthspan. I trust them to my family therefore  trust them to share with you, so that’s why:



Healthspan decided to give my Readers and subscribers a little treat for the cold weather coming.

There is 5 YoGo kits to giveaway as well as 5 Children Gummie Multivitamins.

To enter on the giveaway, enter below and choose the prize you would like to receive.


Win YoGo Kits and Children Multivitamins

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