Ways to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Living in an especially busy and fast-paced world makes it really challenging to establish a healthy sleep schedule these days. However, it’s not impossible. These 6 easy tips will help you improve your sleep quality so that your body will feel rested and healthier than ever.


Avoid Caffeine, Tobacco, and Alcohol before Bed

Believe it or not, caffeinated drinks will decrease the quality of your sleep. That is why avoiding all caffeinated products such as coffee, tea, chocolate, or pain killers before going to bed is very important if you want to establish a healthy sleeping pattern.

You need to avoid consuming these products at least four to six hours before going to bed. This also applies to smokers. If you’re a heavy smoker, try to avoid using tobacco products close to bedtime since they can be quite stimulating. Alcohol is another drink that can heavily mess with your sleep schedule.

Even though it can help you fall asleep, later on throughout the night it will behave as a strong stimulant and will end up waking you up often during the night which will give you poor quality of sleep.



Use Light to Your Advantage

Try to take as much advantage as you can from the light to better your sleep schedule. For instance, during the day try to get as much natural light exposure as possible since it will help you keep your internal clock on a healthy sleep schedule cycle.

Natural light is what tells your brain to wake up. That is why we find it so hard to wake up early in the morning during winter time when it’s still dark at 7.30 am.

If you want to better your sleeping pattern, make sure to let the light in first thing in the morning. It will do wonders for your sleep.


Exercise At Least Three Hours Before Bed

If you like to exercise regularly, remember that the time of the day matters. That is why exercising at least 3 hours before going to bed will help you promote more restful and healthy sleep.

Exercise is what stimulates our bodies to secrete the stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone helps activate the alerting mechanism in the brain. That means that if you choose to exercise too close to your bedtime, you will most likely struggle to get some sleep for a while.

That is why experts suggest exercising earlier in the day. It is beneficial not only for your sleep but for your metabolism too.



Ensure You Have a Comfortable Bed

The bed you sleep in also matters. It is important for your sleep that you have a mattress that is supportive and comfortable. This will ensure that you have a restful night of good sleep. You also need to keep in mind that a mattress needs to be changed every 8 years because it starts to lose its support over time.

After a while, it simply won’t be doing any good for your sleep or your back. The material you sleep on is very important too. That is why getting comfortable and high-quality materials such as alpaca wool quilt can be crucial for your sleep schedule. Also, make sure you have comfortable pillows that you clean regularly in order to reduce the build of dust mites and other allergens.


Create a Sleep-Inducing Environment

If you want to get a good night’s sleep you need to set the right environment as well. To promote sound slumber, you need to create a very quiet and dark environment. You can still create this environment even if you live on a busy road. All you need to do is create some kind of white noise or put in a pair of earplugs.

Depending on what time of the year it is, it might not always be that easy to create a dark environment. That is why using adequate blackout shades or an eye mask can be helpful for blocking out light. The temperature in the room plays a huge role too. It has to be comfortable for you.


Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Lastly, make sure you have a sleep schedule and try to stick to it as much as possible. That means you have to go to bed and wake up at a similar time every day in order to set your ‘internal clock’.

This way your body will come to learn when to naturally wake up and when to start feeling tired. This schedule will help you get more good-quality sleep.



In conclusion, getting some quality sleep time can be quite challenging these days. That is why implementing these tips and tricks will help you get back on track so that you can get that healthy amount of sleep your body needs


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