What It Really Takes To Be An Actor

At some point in our lives we all dream of starring on the big screen and making a name for ourselves in the world. As people, we have a tendency to want attention and praise in all aspects of our lives, and we can be a little dramatic at times when we want something.

Becoming an actor is often a decision which we make as children and we will end up enrolling in frame school, taking acting classes and dancing around the stage in an interpretive dance session to prove our versatility.

The craft of acting is an art form. It can take years to become a talented and renowned actor, but one thing which is clear is that certain characteristics make a great actor. Here are some of the skills and personality traits you will need to be a successful actor.



As an actor, you will step into a whole new life every time you complete a project. You will need to be confident enough to get up and be a totally new person every time the camera points your way.

Often as an actor, you will need to face intriguing and strong roles, and the mark of a great actor is the ability to make a fool of yourself with a confidence in your stride. If you aren’t afraid to make yourself look like a crazy person, acting could be ideal for you.


Oral Communication

Acting is all about the ability to bring on a new persona and not be afraid of meeting new people. Every time you are hired for a project you will get to meet new directors, crew, actors, and fans. You need to have good communication skills and be able to make small talk with the people you meet.

Chemistry is a huge part of acting, and it is much easier to convey chemistry when you are friends with your coworkers.


Problem Solving

Working in a TV set or in a theatre can present challenges to budding actors. Sometimes the lines you are given just don’t work with the dialogue in the script or perhaps a character needs to be explored and deepened further for the story. It is in these moments where you need to be creative and be able to come up with new lines and solutions to bring your character to life.

At the end of the day, it is you who is portraying the character so you should have some input on how they are written.



To be an actor you have to be an aggressively passionate person. Acting is a difficult job which often results in rejection, and because of this you may feel completely powerless and want to give up on the dream completely.

Only the most determined and dedicated people will be able to go on and make great things during their career and you need to decide just how much you want and need this job. If you love acting more than anything, nothing should stop you from becoming the best big thing on the big screen.

Motivation and Commitment

Despite the jokes people make about actors and their work ethic, acting can be one of the most physically and mentally demanding jobs of all. Depending on the project you could be asked to train your body and your mind and get to the set for 14-hour shoots at a time.

People like Christian Bale price how committed you need to be, with him losing a staggering 99 pounds  for a role in The Machinist, before putting on over 100 pounds to play Batman later in the year. If you are committed to your role there is nothing you can’t achieve, and you just need to have the mindset to do it.

Work In A Team

Working as an actor will of course force you to learn how to work effectively in a team setting. If you are the sort of person who prefers working alone then this is not the career for you. You will have to meet new people all the time and you will all have to work together cohesively to make sure that a project goes smoothly.

It is incredibly important that you make sure you bind with your colleagues and take the time to understand how they work best. This will allow you all to find your working rhythm and be successful on screen.


With all of the skills above, you have everything it takes to be an actor and become the next big thing.

Don’t forget us when you are accepting your first Oscar!



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